No deal.

I’ve had the Guardian job search page open on my laptop for around 20 minutes now. I’ve had a scroll and browsed some of the potential jobs on offer knowing full well that after I hit ‘Apply’ I won’t hear a peep out of any of them.

And you know why I know that…

Because that’s life unfortunately.

And, as millennials – that’s what we have been taught.

That’s life, deal with it.

I have seen many an opinion about how my generation feel like we are privileged – how we’ve had it easy and how we’re entitled… yet lazy?

I am a typical millennial, but I certainly don’t fall into all the categories associated with this generation.

We apparently set the bar too high for ourselves – this is true. I have stupidly high expectations of myself and whilst I tell myself these expectations are too high it doesn’t stop me from wanting to achieve the goals I set for myself. Why shouldn’t I have high standards. That, again, is what I have been taught.

All through university it was drilled into us that we need all this experience and all these skills to be able to succeed. So ya know what I did?

I went out, found the experience and gained the skills… LOW AND BEHOLD… it didn’t make a blind bit of difference when applying for jobs because every single other person also applying also those same skills and experience…. you see where I’m going here?

We have a sense of entitlement because we fucking deserve it!

We went to uni, we worked the shitty part time jobs to support ourselves. We stuck out the degrading apprenticeships and internships because we were told we ‘need’ them to prove we are more well rounded people. And yet we, the millennials, are labelled ‘lazy’.


‘2 piles of CV’s – 1 pile with a degree and 1 pile without… which pile do you think they are going to hire from?’

Recognise that speech?

In some situations this is true, especially for vocational courses, but for some it doesn’t mean shit whether you have a degree or not.

How has wanting a job we love and enjoy doing been spun into a negative trait? Apparently we also job hop too much. This, for me, is also quite true. But that’s because we all feel like we have to have a job to make it seem to ourselves that we aren’t wasting our time.

So we take job after job, gaining all of this varied experience and yet our dream employer will still want something else.

I’m not really sure the conclusion I want to draw from this latest rant of mine is, but I guess I just want change. I want less pressure and I want that sense of fulfilment when it comes to my work life… because right now, it ain’t happening!

And if that makes me a lazy/entitled millennial then I guess that’s what I am… but I see it as bettering myself by scoping out the life I want for myself by not settling for something I don’t really want to do.

I refuse to just carry on ‘dealing with it’ because ‘that’s life’. Life is what you make it and I am boring myself by plodding on without forcing change upon myself.

Because what’s the point in that?


(Byeeeee, off to apply for more jobs I’ll never hear back from!)

These are not ‘real’ women

The first negative blog I wrote about Vogue was all about how their senior editors were slamming street style bloggers… this time the negativity (a feeling I’m trying to stay away from) is back in full swing and Vogue, are yet again, the culprits.

Their March cover was designed to celebrate ‘Fashion’s Fearless Females’ and 125 years of Vogue. This cover was going to focus on a beauty revolution and just basically celebrate women.

That sounds great right? Wrong. Look at the cover and tell me why you think I’m slightly peeved.

If the answer isn’t screaming at you then please, read on. If it does then I’m very glad I’m not alone in this frustration.

The first title I love! Women do rule, we’re all freakin’ fabulous. The second line I also like – being fearless in any walks of life is super important and the fashion industry is full of sassy independent fashion-forward women who deserve to be celebrated and recognised for just how inspirational they are.

SO why… (and this really bothers me) is the cover of Vogue, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world, got a bunch of gormless looking models (don’t even get me started on the fact that Kendall Jenner is included) gracing their cover about fashion’s females????????


I nearly started this next line with ‘yes, supermodels are important’… then I checked myself and swiftly hit backspace.

They’re not important. They’re a face – they’re a society defined ‘perfect’ body and face fashion labels use to showcase their clothes as skinny is, unfortunately, always going to be the preferred way in this industry. No matter how much we scream ‘0 IS NOT A SIZE’ in the face of this cray world, no one with the power to make an actual change ever going to have the balls to be loud enough.

The important people are the designers. The men and women who design clothes that make women in all shapes and sizes feel beautiful.

Where is Vivienne Westwood, where is Caroline Herrera, where is Diane Von Furstenburg?!

These are the women who should really be gracing the cover celebrating fearless women in fashion. These women didn’t give a two hoots and dedicated their lives to improving and developing fashion for women.

These models – through no fault of their own – have been made the ‘face’ of fashion, when it should be the people behind the clothes or at least a real representation of women around the world – the consumers of the fashion! Ashley Graham ( 2nd from the left) is considered a curves model… just stop.

Vogue think that they’re covering all bases by whacking a slightly larger than size 8 girl into the mix… nope – not buying it. When are women going to PROPERLY represented in the fashion media?! When are we going to stop letting stuff like this slide and realise that if we want the young girls growing up proud of their bodies we need to start putting real women everywhere, not just on the odd ‘stand out’ campaign.

(Theres also a freaky photoshop fail involve Gigi’s hand – once you spot it you won’t be able to stop staring haha.)

The fashion industry is so amazing in so many ways but in so many ways it falters and let’s women down, and I know I’m not alone in wanting some serious change.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 21.03.17


Dress to impress? No, dress for yourself.

I have a feeling that I am about to share with you all is going to cause some debate, whether that be within yourself of with me… all opinions aside, hear me out… please.

A friend of a friend has just recently, and bravely, come out that he is transexual.

I, and a lot of people, can only begin to imagine how scary sharing something so personal and important about yourself can be… finding the courage alone is one thing but standing up for who you are and taking the steps to become that person completely is just something else – truly inspiring.

However, the frustrating part of what I am about to share is that there are still people, companies and cultural groups who still can’t accept the fact that some men and women want to be transexual. It’s who they are.

It’s like someone asking me ‘why are you straight?’


Because I am? Transexual is this persons person. It’s who they are – it’s what makes them them. Why should a person’s sexuality and way of life, physicality’s aside, determine how others treat, judge or speak to or about them in a degrading way.

My friend, who has become very close with this guy, told me that he decided he wanted to throw himself in at the deep end, enter a clothing store, Coast, and ask to try on a dress.

Now before I carry on explaining what happened, let’s put this into perspective. If I, for example, entered a predominantly men’s clothing store, such as Topman, and went to try something on, I doubt I’d be told no. But why is that?

It’s because the notion of a women wearing clothes initially designed for men is far more widely accepted than men wearing women’s. And that is because people can’t accept and won’t even try to accept change. They won’t even entertain the possibility that its 2017 and the world is progressing, and positively progressing!

So this guy has walked into coast, found dress he liked the look of and asked the sales assistant if he could try it on. The sales assistant told him point blank that there weren’t any fitting rooms and that he would have to buy the dress first and try it on at home.

My friend later text me asking if this particular Coast had fitting rooms and she knew I had shopped there before, and I replied that of course they do… slightly confused. When she then told me what happened I was just so shocked and upset for him.

I understand that women’s clothing shops have rules about male companions waiting outside fitting rooms in order to give the females trying on clothes a bit more security and privacy… fair.

But this guy wasn’t asking to linger around the fitting rooms. He was asking to go into a cubicle, close the curtain behind him and privately try on this dress. This shop, whilst probably following ‘protocol’ probably made him feel like the smallest person on earth by saying no and not allowing him to be himself.

It baffles me that on the catwalks at LFWM last month we saw a UNISEX collection by Vivienne Westwood congratulated, celebrated and admired because it’s ‘fashion’ and of course anything seen on the catwalk must be right… right? WRONG.


It cannot just be accepted for one week only. It cannot just be ‘street style’ for that perfect picture. It cannot just be for the select few with the right amount of followers on social media who wear things to stick with the crowd they associate with and please said followers. It cannot just be for them – the acceptance felt once the designer comes out after the show to a flurry of applause has to, and must, carry on and migrate into everyday life, long after the doors close. It cannot just stop just because the trends change so therefore the designs change in order to stay relevant.

Like it or not – it’s already happening. This guy was trying to continue making it happen. But because catwalk fashion is regarded as just that, catwalk, it hasn’t yet made its mark on the high street. Brands like Zara have introduced a unisex collection but nothing stands out as associating with one gender enough for it to make an impact – it’s just a bunch of basic items with ‘unisex’ printed on the label for good measure – they’ve done it solely to create a reaction but in my opinion it’s a poor effort.

So Coast said no? He tried – he might not have succeeded, but if he can confidently walk into any clothes shop he wants and ask to try on a dress, or anything high street fashion deems ‘female’ with the same guts he used in Coast, I applaud him and hope this one small lapse in societies judgement wont stop him from asking again.

Choker schmoker. 

So, some big news this week (apparently) is that ASOS have started selling men’s chokers… OK?

And as per, when something slightly out of the ordinary occurs in the fashion industry the masses invade with their biased opinions and views.

The Metro wrote an article that starts with ‘ASOS is coming for your delicate, fragile, but very, very manly masculinity.’

It then continues to patronise others opinions that have been shared on twitter… with one user saying that they have lost all faith in humanity????!!!


Right. Let’s get this straight. Similar to the view of the Metro journalist… it is just a necklace. It’s a piece of fabric that anyone – man, woman, grandma, cat WHOEVER, should they so please, place around their neck as an accessory due to personal preference.

I continued to read some of the comments left under the Metro post on their Facebook page and another bloke (ironic really) had posted that the choker was acting as a bandage to contain a testosterone leak.. hahahah I mean it’s amazing how creative people’s come backs are becoming. 

This has, apparently, really rattled the male species’ metaphorical, testosterone filled boat.

If a guy wants to wear a choker why, oh why, does threaten his masculinity??

Male rock stars and famous figures have worn jewellery for years and years and years – no one bats an eyelid because they’re famous and it’s a part of their brand, their look. Another Facebook comment has basically said that these are only for gay guys. WHY?!

Someone give me a valid reason why a guy, who’s interested in fashion, shouldn’t wear a choker. Men wear rings, necklaces and earrings already… but because chokers have only ever been marketed to women it’s now causing people to freak out when a brand such as ASOS crosses the ‘line’ that’s been placed there by societies gender guidelines.

I am pleased to see that the Metro article continues to take the piss out of the general consensus this has caused by stating that men’s options on ASOS for chokers are very limited. 12 for men vs. 699 for women. 

But you know what… (and this may shock you)… Men, if you want a choker but can’t find any you like in the specified men’s choker section – delete the ‘mens’ from your search criteria and I promise you’ll find a load more non-gender specific chokers. Now, they may be in the women’s section, but don’t let that stop you. 

If you want a choker, bloody buy one !

Il leave you with the closing words from the Metro too… take note folks.

But really, you could just ignore the labels and search terms, accept that a bit of fabric is the same bit of fabric regardless of who it’s worn by, and enjoy all the possibilities the women’s choker section has to offer.

Let’s try again – 2000 and whatever

Anyone else feel like they need another Christmas? I don’t go back to work until Thursday and the thought of that is already too much to comprehend right now.

I write this from bed, in my parents house, poorly :(. What are the chances that when I take time off I miraculously end up ill – I would say karmas a bitch but I don’t think I’ve done anything to deserve said karma (unless the constant alcohol and junk food consumption over the past 2 weeks counts… then fair enough) 

I haven’t written anything for a while (soz). I’ve wanted to! I’ve had loads of ideas that I’m going to attempt to get at least all started today and then schedule them (see that 2017 organisational bug has clearly infected me also). I also have a  load of other stuff I want to do – so I’m very grateful for a couple of extra days off.

The first of these I have semi-started this morning. 


I’ve been trawling through google searches trying to work out how to become a successful freelancer and have actually come across a pretty helpful one which suggests ‘Cold-Pitching’. Intrigued? I was… it basically requires you emailing smaller websites who may or may not be completely social media savvy to offer your services.

Now… social media is my second language, not only with my social life but a large chunk of my uni education was focused on how social media can be used to help businesses… I was even a Social Media and Digital Marketint Intern at one point(!)

Over Christmas family friends tend to ask you what you’ve been up to recently and when I tell them I’m a Copywriter they tend to look at me blankly in the hope I continue to explain, which of course I do, probably too much (I mean come on… it’s me)

After my explanation finishes I see I’m quickly losing my audiences attention. So, I therefore continue with my next go-to spiel that consists of ‘it’s just a foot in the door job’ or ‘they’re a great company to work for and work my way up in’ or, my favourite one, ‘I want to be a writer so having my first grad job title as copywriter is pretty alright’.

And it is. I want nothing more than to say that writing is my profession. At the moment it’s my hobby – something I do because I love it that I eventually dream will turn into my career. 

And surely the start of a new year is the best time to engage the butt gears and get moving!


After writing this (and the other posts I want to schedule) I will be applying for the some prestigious grad schemes, signing myself up for freelance job board ad websites things (I promise I know what I’m doing haha) and trying to get this ball rolling on what I call my future career. 

I know I’m just a graduate, but I was talking to an old friend yesterday and I heard myself saying that I didn’t want to lose sight of what I really want to do – now, I know I’m strong willed enough to ensure I keep myself on track… but if I don’t do enough to actually get myself there… well, no one else is gonna do it for me are they? 

(Also, cringe side note – thank you so much to everyone who follows, likes and comments on my post. I absolutely love and appreciate it all and can’t wait for what 2017 holds for this little blog)

Happy New Year xox

London diaries | 3 years (ish) of blogging |

WordPress notified me a few days ago that I have been blogging for 3 years… what?! That’s mad. But very appropriate timing I reckon, as recently I’ve been flooded with ideas, so much so I’m pre-writing things and then scheduling them for later on in the week.

I love that I have ideas and that I can just put fingers to keyboard and blurt it all out. People say how easy my writing is to read (thanks hehe) and thats because I literally write as I’d speak. I speak wayyyy to quickly so this is a good way for me to slow it all down and actually get my thoughts and opinions down on paper.

Anyway, in a bid to step away from some of the more serious posts I’ve published recently I thought it would be a giggle to have a look at some of my older posts.

I’ve done over 100 posts and I still remember when I first decided to start this blog. I was sat in my first year room and remember telling Immy (one of my now and then best blonde, she’s gonna love me for saying this, queen bae friend) and she was helping me think of a name.

I wanted to have some kind of reference to my hair colour in there as my ginger hair is something I love about myself. I also, when I first started, wanted it to be a full on fashion blog (little did I know that I’d find myself writing nearly 1000 word posts every week) where I’d show off my outfits and try and gain a huge following.

Oh how wrong I was. I was so obsessed with wanting to be just like any other fashion blog that I focused on just clothes a lot – but then came the internship and LFW and clearly (looking back on my posts) other things inspired me and I’m proud to say my past self quickly veerd away from that image and started writing about a tonne different stuff, go past me!!

… anyway, we came up with auburngirloverdressed. I recently changed this name to ThreadHead Meg, to match my YouTube channel (another venture I really should get back into but would rather write instead). So, who knows, in a year or so I may change it again… we’ll see.

So, my first post was an OOTD (lol) Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I regularly post what I’m wearing, mainly because I think I look damn good and feel like showing it off. But my actual first written post was this…

‘The aim of this is to document my thoughts, what I do and my outfits (on days when I actually think my outfit is worth photographing). Just anything in general I feel is worth sharing with you lovely people! Be kind :)’

I’m actually really glad that my entire writing style and reason for writing this blog has stayed the same – I do document my thoughts and I do share things I feel are worth sharing.

And I’ve come so far since that first post. Firstly, this is the longest I’ve gone where I’ve continually posted a lot. And this is the most traffic I’ve had as well, apart from over fashion week where I was reviewing the collections – something I really want to do again. Think I might look into freelancing for a magazine next season as that will add something slightly different to my portfolio.

I plan on keeping the format of this blog the same – chilled, laid back and a place where I can freely share my ideas about stuff I care about.

Thanks everyone who reads these and leaves me feedback – its gr8 and I love it

Also, if you guys have something to say that you feel like writing down… blog about it! Its fun!

Like this little cutie, this is her first blog and what she has to say is v important, go rubes (Y)

Peace and love xxx

London diaries | trying and failing (but still trying) the vegan(ish) life |

Those of you who know me or follow me on various social media shizz know that I’ve recently turned vegan. I say recent – it’s been around 3 months.

However, for the past couple of weeks, after being so super good and (sometimes reluctantly) dedicated… I’ve been a v v v bad vegan.


I bought cheese.

I had poached eggs.

I had shortbread.

…I’ve basically cheated :/

Earlier my brother sent me a picture saying that 1 vegan person, each day saves 1100 gallons of water, 45lbs of grain, 30sq.ft of forest, 20lbs of CO2 and 1 animal’s life.

Now. If you think about it, that’s pretty cray. I mean these figures aren’t accurate to the exact figure… but if they’re anywhere near that then, well – I’m impressed!

See, when I think about stuff like that and I think about the whole ‘future of the planet’ and how awful global warming is and how we all need to start doing our part to start saving this one world we have… it does make me want to do my part.

I just wish I’d chosen a path that didn’t ban me from eating one of my favourite things. Cheese.

Seriously, when I get married (lol i know) I want a cheese selection board, with allllll da cheese. Brie. Goats cheese. Cheddar. Smoked cheeses. Fruit cheeses. Camembert. I just love cheese. And not having it for 3 months, it was tough I’m not gonna lie.

So I caved. After a few after work g&t’s my drunken self wanted a cheese sandwich. So of course (I never argue with drunken Meg) we went and got her a cheese sandwich. Not gonna lie, I inhaled it in seconds.

Cheese and crisp sandwiches…. omgggggg my all time fave sandwich filling. Crunch, cheese, bread, more cheese. Don’t knock it till you try it folks – salt and vinegar flavour is a good taste against the cheese, but feel free to mix it up if you so wish.

I know, no matter how much I may crave certain meats at certain times of year, I’ll never EVER eat meat again. I have discovered so many veggie and vegan substitutes that I would much rather have, as I know that I’m not carelessly eating a defenceless animal.

My brother also said to me earlier, when I confessed my cheese eating ways that I ‘shouldn’t strive to perfection’. And that’s true. Recently I’ve felt like I’ve been eating vegan because I have to, because that’s what I’ve chosen to do… not because I actually want to.

To be classed as a proper vegan I would have to stop wearing a lot of my clothes and shoes. I would have to throw out probably all of my make up and toiletries and I would have to start basing everyday simple decisions around whether it would fit into a vegan person’s lifestyle.

And I just dunno if I have the will power or can be bothered to do it when I’m not fully committed. And that just makes me feel like a bit of a fraud.

Trying the vegan lifestyle has however made me want to cook, and experiment to an extent. It’s also led me to some amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants across London. It’s a small selection, but so far I have been too Mildreds and Veg Bar Brixton. Both absolutely incredible and both offering completely vegan meals.

At Mildred’s I had to actually double check that what I was eating was in fact vegan, I just couldn’t believe that something so creammyyyyyy, didn’t have ANY cream in it. Madness. I highly recommend both of these places and I also encourage all of you to just try it.

I might, in time, completely transition back to being a clean eating vegan – but for the time being I’m not going to be too hard on myself and do it 80/20. Have days where I let myself have a bit of cheese, or a yummy pastry when they’re free at Friday free breakfast at work :D

It’s really not been as hard as I’m making it out to be. Soya milk – easy. Sunflower spread – easy. Vegetarian substitutes for meat – easy and in my opinion, nicer than meat itself.

Vegan baking is also super fun and extremely yummy.

Give it a go and see how ya get on.

Lets all try and save the planet woooooo.

Peace and love xxx

‘You’re too fat’. Sorry what?

A friend of mine told me something outrageous the other day. It is so outrageous… and yet so common.

So, as she calls it, a pretty average crappy club near where she lives (in Reigate), refused entry to a girl. This girl wasn’t smashed, she wasn’t ‘inappropriately’ dressed, she wasn’t rude to the bouncer and she wasn’t underage. The normal reasons people are generally refused entry into clubs.

She was too fat.

What makes me sad is that hearing stories like that doesn’t shock me anymore. Especially now, having been out in London a few times, and being pre-warned I have to dress a certain way, otherwise I’d be turned away at the door.

Too fat?!

She was a size 10. A. SIZE. TEN.

In what way, shape of form is a size 10 fat?!?!??!?!!?

I love a good club night – multiple g&t’s alongside a good cheesy dance room with the usual awful and embarrassing cheesy dancing that always follows is my idea of a top night. I’ve had these when I’ve been dressed up to the nines and I’ve had these after a 12 hour shift in a restaurant so I end up in the club dressed in my work tee and trainers. Looking a right state basically.

What angers me about this is that I’ve heard multiple stories from my friend about this club – it’s nothing special. It sounds like your average small town club and in no way a one of the high-end London clubs who are notoriously known for turning people away for not having the ‘right look’.

Also, when you do make an effort to look good for a night out, I feel this is when girls might feel most self conscious about yourself. I know that I do! If I’m wearing something slim fitting or revealing of course I’m going to feel slightly more exposed and therefore slightly more anxious about how I look.

I can imagine that this ‘fat’ girl was getting ready with her other ‘fat’ friends, pre-drinking, playing a few games and looking forward to a night out somewhere she’s probably been a few times. Little did she know she’d be turned away for her weight?

Theres been a few articles surrounding this subject and the girl in question previously suffered from an eating disorder.

She mentioned in a recent interview that this highlights a much larger problem in society – discrimination against size. No one, ever, should ever be discriminated for the size of their body.

Nobody, unless told, has any idea why that person may have been through, or may be going through that could be having an effect on their weight. It’s a disgusting but common problem in this day and age and when incidents like this happen it just makes me question why nothing more substantial is being done to stop it. Discrimination like this, while it may seem small at first may lead, and has lead, to far more serious mental illnesses that have the power to completely take over and change a person for the worse.

This girl wanted a night out with her friends. She didn’t need a random doorman telling her she wasn’t the right dress size. Who is he to determine the what dress size is ‘right’ anyway!? He doesn’t. As a matter of fact, no one does. If that person feels happy and healthy within themselves, regardless of what the scales say, then, to themselves, they’re ‘right’.

This is classic club routine though… and its utterly ridiculous. The fact that men also have to pay when women get into a lot of places completely free of charge grinds my gears and makes me sad that while so many women and men are fighting so hard for equality and simple mundane things such as the price of a club entry still aren’t fair for both genders.

I’m just baffled by the fact that it’s nearly the end of 2016 and shit like this is still happening. 2016 has been an odd year. And it’s only going to get odder I reckon.

Working in the fashion industry and having come to terms with the fact that gorgeous PHOTOSHOPPED models are plastered across every advertising platform possible – I’ve sort of become immune to it. I know that to achieve the model look is impossible, because it was never real in the first place. But when girls who are so unhappy with how they look see these adverts of course it’s going to have a negative effect on them. Their thoughts just instantly shoot to the classic ‘to be beautiful and the ‘perfect’ shape I MUST look like this model’… these thoughts sometimes lead to detrimental actions and unrealistic ‘goals’.

I just hope that in a years time, I look back on this blog post and the world is different. I hope that people are more accepting, more kind and less afraid to not give a damn about what others think of them. I hope this for myself too. Everyone is guilty for being worried about how others perceive them – and if you can’t admit it then your just kidding yourself.

I hope that women and men can walk around and not be afraid of being made to feel small or insignificant by someone else.

I just hope that change is around the corner, because we really need it. And fast.

Peace and love xxx

(I’m hoping to do a series of blogs all about female empowerment and gender equality… so if that sounds like something you’d like to read (go onnnnn) check back in a week or so when I may or may have got myself sorted and starting posting regularly again!)




London diaries | graduation, running many miles and settling in |

To start with, I’m sure you’ll all be very pleased to know that I managed to get over my fear of shoving on the tube (read initial disaster on my last post). I wiggle. Wiggling is the way guys. I’ve also stopped getting on transport going in the wrong direction and started not even having to check Citymapper before going anywhere!

Reckon I’m around a level 3 Londoner… 10 being a fully-fledged commuter who shouts at people to ‘please move down the carriage!’. Not quite ready to start yelling at strangers, especially as no one ever chats on the tube. I’m such a nosey people watcher so whenever people do talk I tend to tune in to keep myself occupied. I like wondering what these people I’m sharing these moving metal tubes with do with their lives… what are their jobs/names/ages/favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode (for those of you who care, mines The One With The Cop and the famous sofa pivot scene, cracks me up every time!)

The last week was extremeeeeely busy – so excited to have a chilled week and just get back to learning to ‘london’. It was busy but one of the best weeks ever, so much happened!

Thursday was graduation! Someone lived out my all time dreaded fear and actually fell over on the stage steps… I felt so awful for her but it was also bloody hilarious. Our chancellor, Mr Alan Titchmarsh himself, was so so kind and helped her up, carried out the whole shaking hands ‘good luck in the future’ schpeel and then walked her off stage, what a gent.

I managed to avoid falling and safely landed with both feet firmly on the ground, degree in hands feeling very very proud of myself :)

We, my parents and my uncle, then went for a lovely jubbly meal and Rick Stein, where they gave me a cute little graduation desert as a congratulations and I came away fuller than full. I then had to get a train back to London as I only booked one day off work (very much regretted that decision).

Friday morning bought around my first official meeting as a product copywriter, fancy ey?? My colleagues and I have split the departments to make it easier for the rest of the company to know who to contact with questions – mine are footwear, homeware and accessories (we split womenswear as its just too big for one person!). I was meeting the buyers and assistants to discuss our relationship going forward it all went swimmingly. I love feeling like I have actual responsibilities when my biggest responsibility used to be remembering to walk the dog!

In terms of level, I reckon I’m at adult level 4/5. Still feeling like a student, but when my first adult pay cheque hits my bank account in T-2 days I think that may increase to a 6, maybe ;)

So Friday night was graduation ball with my two amazing best gals. Was so nice to feel all fancy and dressed up for a night of dancing and drinking. It was also extra special as I was wearing my Nana’s dress. She wore it at my age… and then my mum wore it at the same age! How cool is that? I also think it’s cool that we were all the same size at the same age… genetics are freaky!

Saturday was spent travelling back home home to prepare myself for the 10 miles I’d stupidly signed myself up for! I had only raised £10 and was not excited or prepared to put myself through all that running for a measly tenner. So I emailed everyone I could think of and managed to raise nearly £300 in 2 days! Not bad ey? I’m still £20 from my target so if any of you lovely people fancy donating a few squids to the cause please head on over to my Just Giving page to help me reach my target!

My cousins, their friends and my beautiful running parter/bezzie m8 all stayed Saturday night, we had a carb loading sesh courtesy of my mother veggie lasagne and went to bed dreading the race but dreaming of the finish line. Morning came, we all porridged up and made the hour drive to Portsmouth, home of The Great South Run.

It was bloody freezing, so we took shelter in the car before heading to the warm up area. Despite peeing TWICE before the race started me and Debs had to make a toilet stop around 5 mins into the run, but apart from that (and one 10 second plaster stop) we didn’t stop once! It was actually quite fun…? Never thought I’d say I’d ever enjoy running 10 miles, but I did!

And that brings us round to right now. I’m in immense pain, feel like an old person hobblin’ around everywhere but I’m so glad we did it. Not sure I’ll be signing up for any more anytime soon, but I definitely wouldn’t right it off in the future.

I’ve lived here for nearly a month and I can’t quite believe it! Everything is gr8. Job’s good, city’s good, vegan cooking is semi-good (blog post coming soon about that) and life’s good!

I’m a bit gutted that I haven’t been able to get any sewing in recently but I have a couple of blog post ideas that I’l be posting in the next few weeks… so for the time being that’s all you’re getting.

Peace and love xxx


Vogue vs. The Fashion Blogger(s)

(Sidebar – this is my longest post to date, so be sure to have sufficient snacks around you if needed)

My interest in fashion writing has considerably grown since writing my dissertation, as I was able to gauge how both bloggers and columnists viewed the future of their chosen field. Writing.

However, I came across an article the other week that had been shared on Facebook (you can read it here) It is a discussion piece that focuses on the opinions Vogue editors have slapped fashion bloggers with and how said bloggers have reacted to the critique. The exact phrases they used to describe this circle of influential people include that they’re ‘Heralding the death of style, they’re ‘pathetic’ and encourage ‘street style mess’.

Let me interrupt myself (if thats even thing) here by saying that during the fashion week period I see some extremely questionable outfits which, if I’m honest, just look like the person has put on everything they own and pair it with some socks and heeled sandals. I agree, that sometimes, they do look ridiculous, and most of the time they’re just dressed like that to get photographed. But if that’s what gains them followers, gets people talking and is what they’re known for; then why shouldn’t they?

And who are the editors at Vogue to decide what is right or wrong. I have, for a long long time, said my dream job is to work for Vogue – I viewed them as the centre of my fashion world, the elitist magazine that dictated what was in or out. But after reading the patronising words written by these ‘fashion experts’… I’m not so sure, and that truly saddens me.

Below are a couple of the most scathing examples of criticism…


This one angers me. Firstly, she calls them ‘girls’ not women. This immediately brings the age vs. experience debate into practice as she is assuming they are younger, and therefore are not as knowledgable or mature, and couldn’t possibly be ‘fashionable’ by Vogue’s standards. Secondly, these people are professional. A profession is defined by whatever you are paid to do; these women are paid to ‘troll up and down’ and they usually (as I mentioned, sometimes I’ve looked better in pajamas) look bloody great doing it! The word ‘troll’ also has a really quite, well… bitchy tone to it; adding to the ridiculousness of Sarah Mowers opinion.


So bloggers are ‘heralding the death of style’?? They (sometimes) create the style!! It’s their job! If your job was to change outfits 2/3 times a day and get photographed for it would you say no?! I definitely wouldn’t! These bloggers are a part of the system; without them smaller fashion brands wouldn’t have a way of marketing their clothes. Bloggers are more than happy to promote new brands as every single one wants to be the first one to do so! This competition just drives it even further… thereforrrrre helping the start-up brands gain momentum. Rather nice really.

Does this women not realise that the very group of people she’s aiming this attack at are striving towards the exact same thing as she? Both Vogue editors and fashion bloggers want to promote and love one thing; fashion! They both want more people involved and interested in fashion. They both want to spark discussions, debates, divides and opinion. Opinion is what drives the fashion industry. Expert’s opinions are what regular followers like you and me base our fashion choices on. Personally, I base my personal style on what I like, what suits me, what I feel confident in and current trends.

I also came across this article, a life cycle fashion trends. How they’re recycled, how new ones are imagined and the influences, and influencers behind the trends. Lauretta Roberts, the leading trend forecaster at WGSN (the bible of trends basically) said, in an interview with Alexa Chung that trends are no longer dictated from couture design houses in Paris… they’re made where they ultimately end up; all around us!

Fashion bloggers who choose to wear certain outfits and share them online, have probably influenced some of the most expressive and popular trends to date. Lauretta said that people care more about what they’re peers are wearing than what’s coming off the runway. As much as top Vogue editors may hate to admit it; fashion bloggers are influencers. Personally, I find organic, uncensored fashion writing far more relatable and accessible. Sometimes, and I spoke about this in my dissertation, I find the writing in Vogue somewhat patronising – almost as if I’m not worthy of reading it.

But seeing these free spirited fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble and BryanBoy in particular, publicly defending themselves makes me proud in a weird way. We are living through the technological generation and social media has allowed and in a way, demands constant sharing, constant conversation and constant opinions. And I love it! I love that these bloggers have been able to bite back as gracefully as Vogue bit them first.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything the bloggers have come back with and hope that the Vogue editors are feeling very stupid, but I doubt they are… and that’s a shame. Everyone’s opinion and point of view should be considered, regardless of position or hierarchy. Bloggers are their own boss and, in my opinion, are considerably more influential than any Vogue editors old-fashioned opinion.