why i haven’t been writing

…and the answer to that is pure laziness. If I’m completely honest I’ve had some stuff (anxiety wise) going on that I’ve had to tackle and then just general life.

No particularly busy days but when I get out of a routine, like blogging on the reg, I find it so hard to get back into it again. Which really angers me, because here I am, writing. And it’s really easy… and I already have ideas swirling round my little head just waiting to be released from my finger tips haha.

So why have I just not done it? Why haven’t I just picked up my laptop/phone and started typing. I need to be better – I want to be better. I keep saying I want to be some sort of writer in the future and yet I just don’t bladdy do it.

I’ve been even thinking that I want to write a book… what about, I’m not so sure but I do have an idea hehe. So I might start jotting down some ideas over the weekend as I have absolutely NOTHING planned and I am buzzin.

I haven’t had a free weekend in so so long and I’m just gonna mong out, eat a load of food and just have a weekend of me.

This is the shortest post I think I’ve ever done but it’s just a reminder to myself that I’ve still got this and a reminder to anyone else that likes what I’m doing over here that I’m still well, here :) And I promise that next week there will be at least 2 posts, cross my heart!

Peace and love xox

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