MQ | i swear |

I swear to help tackle mental health.

I swear to try and eradicate the stigma that surrounds this problem.

I swear to use my own experiences to help and guide others who find themselves in the same position.

I swear to do everything I can to support/petition/campaign in anyway possible.

I swear.

Please, if you feel like there is something you can do, even if it is just signing this petition, or donating a small amount each month, it’ll help.

Major research is still needed to help combat and find solutions for all of the different forms mental health can come in. According to the MQ mental health website, 3 young children in every class are silently suffering with a mental health illness. The only thing that can change this is research. We do not know nearly half of what happens in people’s minds but it is of the uppermost importance that this changes.

Research is exhausting, its sometimes unsuccessful – but from those downfalls new and better methods are decided in order for improved research practice to take place.

MQ’s research aims are as follows:

  • Improve understanding
  • Improve current treatments
  • Prevent mental illness (before a certain age)

Their vision is to…

…create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated and ultimately prevented.

All they need is help and support. Please swear to help by simply providing your name and email address. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never experienced a mental health issue – it’s important and it needs to be talked out.

Thank you x

Personal issues like this, whilst they are the scariest thing in your life at the time, when shared, cliche as it sounds, are halved. I shared my personal experience in a previous post and urge anyone else, not to pour their hearts out if it doesn’t feel right, but to support and engage in the conversation to help battle this.

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