Choker schmoker. 

So, some big news this week (apparently) is that ASOS have started selling men’s chokers… OK?

And as per, when something slightly out of the ordinary occurs in the fashion industry the masses invade with their biased opinions and views.

The Metro wrote an article that starts with ‘ASOS is coming for your delicate, fragile, but very, very manly masculinity.’

It then continues to patronise others opinions that have been shared on twitter… with one user saying that they have lost all faith in humanity????!!!


Right. Let’s get this straight. Similar to the view of the Metro journalist… it is just a necklace. It’s a piece of fabric that anyone – man, woman, grandma, cat WHOEVER, should they so please, place around their neck as an accessory due to personal preference.

I continued to read some of the comments left under the Metro post on their Facebook page and another bloke (ironic really) had posted that the choker was acting as a bandage to contain a testosterone leak.. hahahah I mean it’s amazing how creative people’s come backs are becoming. 

This has, apparently, really rattled the male species’ metaphorical, testosterone filled boat.

If a guy wants to wear a choker why, oh why, does threaten his masculinity??

Male rock stars and famous figures have worn jewellery for years and years and years – no one bats an eyelid because they’re famous and it’s a part of their brand, their look. Another Facebook comment has basically said that these are only for gay guys. WHY?!

Someone give me a valid reason why a guy, who’s interested in fashion, shouldn’t wear a choker. Men wear rings, necklaces and earrings already… but because chokers have only ever been marketed to women it’s now causing people to freak out when a brand such as ASOS crosses the ‘line’ that’s been placed there by societies gender guidelines.

I am pleased to see that the Metro article continues to take the piss out of the general consensus this has caused by stating that men’s options on ASOS for chokers are very limited. 12 for men vs. 699 for women. 

But you know what… (and this may shock you)… Men, if you want a choker but can’t find any you like in the specified men’s choker section – delete the ‘mens’ from your search criteria and I promise you’ll find a load more non-gender specific chokers. Now, they may be in the women’s section, but don’t let that stop you. 

If you want a choker, bloody buy one !

Il leave you with the closing words from the Metro too… take note folks.

But really, you could just ignore the labels and search terms, accept that a bit of fabric is the same bit of fabric regardless of who it’s worn by, and enjoy all the possibilities the women’s choker section has to offer.


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