London diaries | graduation, running many miles and settling in |

To start with, I’m sure you’ll all be very pleased to know that I managed to get over my fear of shoving on the tube (read initial disaster on my last post). I wiggle. Wiggling is the way guys. I’ve also stopped getting on transport going in the wrong direction and started not even having to check Citymapper before going anywhere!

Reckon I’m around a level 3 Londoner… 10 being a fully-fledged commuter who shouts at people to ‘please move down the carriage!’. Not quite ready to start yelling at strangers, especially as no one ever chats on the tube.Β I’m such a nosey people watcher so whenever people do talk I tend to tune in to keep myself occupied. I like wondering what these people I’m sharing these moving metal tubes with do with their lives… what are their jobs/names/ages/favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode (for those of you who care, mines The One With The Cop and the famous sofa pivot scene, cracks me up every time!)

The last week was extremeeeeely busy – so excited to have a chilled week and just get back to learning to ‘london’. It was busy but one of the best weeks ever, so much happened!

Thursday was graduation! Someone lived out my all time dreaded fear and actually fell over on the stage steps… I felt so awful for her but it was also bloody hilarious. Our chancellor, Mr Alan Titchmarsh himself, was so so kind and helped her up, carried out the whole shaking hands ‘good luck in the future’ schpeel and then walked her off stage, what a gent.

I managed to avoid falling and safely landed with both feet firmly on the ground, degree in hands feeling very very proud of myself :)

We, my parents and my uncle, then went for a lovely jubbly meal and Rick Stein, where they gave me a cute little graduation desert as a congratulations and I came away fuller than full. I then had to get a train back to London as I only booked one day off work (very much regretted that decision).

Friday morning bought around my first official meeting as a product copywriter, fancy ey?? My colleagues and I have split the departments to make it easier for the rest of the company to know who to contact with questions – mine are footwear, homeware and accessories (we split womenswear as its just too big for one person!). I was meeting the buyers and assistants to discuss our relationship going forwardΒ it all went swimmingly. I love feeling like I have actual responsibilities when my biggest responsibility used to be remembering to walk the dog!

In terms of level, I reckon I’m at adult level 4/5. Still feeling like a student, but when my first adult pay cheque hits my bank account in T-2 days I think that may increase to a 6, maybe ;)

So Friday night was graduation ball with my two amazing best gals. Was so nice to feel all fancy and dressed up for a night of dancing and drinking. It was also extra special as I was wearing my Nana’s dress. She wore it at my age… and then my mum wore it at the same age! How cool is that? I also think it’s cool that we were all the same size at the same age… genetics are freaky!

Saturday was spent travelling back home home to prepare myself for the 10 miles I’d stupidly signed myself up for! I had only raised Β£10 and was not excited or prepared to put myself through all that running for a measly tenner. So I emailed everyone I could think of and managed to raise nearly Β£300 in 2 days! Not bad ey? I’m still Β£20 from my target so if any of you lovely people fancy donating a few squids to the cause please head on over to my Just Giving page to help me reach my target!

My cousins, their friends and my beautiful running parter/bezzie m8 all stayed Saturday night, we had a carb loading sesh courtesy of my mother veggie lasagne and went to bed dreading the race but dreaming of the finish line. Morning came, we all porridged up and made the hour drive to Portsmouth, home of The Great South Run.

It was bloody freezing, so we took shelter in the car before heading to the warm up area. Despite peeing TWICE before the race started me and Debs had to make a toilet stop around 5 mins into the run, but apart from that (and one 10 second plaster stop) we didn’t stop once! It was actually quite fun…? Never thought I’d say I’d ever enjoy running 10 miles, but I did!

And that brings us round to right now. I’m in immense pain, feel like an old person hobblin’ around everywhere but I’m so glad we did it. Not sure I’ll be signing up for any more anytime soon, but I definitely wouldn’t right it off in the future.

I’ve lived here for nearly a month and I can’t quite believe it! Everything is gr8. Job’s good, city’s good, vegan cooking is semi-good (blog post coming soon about that) and life’s good!

I’m a bit gutted that I haven’t been able to get any sewing in recently but I have a couple of blog post ideas that I’l be posting in the next few weeks… so for the time being that’s all you’re getting.

Peace and love xxx



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