The ridiculousness that is the #nomakeup trend…?

Scrolling through my WordPress dashboard and I see so many hard-hitting world issue type articles and here I am… talking about make up. Right. But trust me, keep reading and by the end of it I hope you feel as strongly about this subject as me.

So, anyone who has Facebook would have seen how ‘proud’ the internet population  were of Alicia Keys not wearing any make up for her big comeback. ‘Alicia keyes no make up’ actually came up as a google search term before I even finished typing… this is how interested people were in the fact that someone famous stopped wearing make up!??? I’m sorry, but what the hell. Its so mundane it kind of angers me how much this angered me in the first place! What does she want, a gold star for not picking up a make up brush?? Argh!!

It baffles me how ‘inspirational’ she suddenly is… and how many other celebs have been congratulating her. Professor Green wants any future children he may have to use her as a role model… seriously. So she ‘doesn’t wear make up’… wellllll I certainly beg to differ. She’s rich. A rich celebrity with access to all types of natural treatments, of course she’s gonna look good without make up on!! But according to an article in The Guardian, she spends £300 a pop on brow definer, mattifier and anti-ageing serum… so if you wanna get technical (which I do) she very much wears make-up, just not your average person make up.

The journalist sums this madness up perfectly by saying:

“On the surface, it implies that long-held conceptions of beauty are false and dated, but on a deeper level it upholds another aspirational standard of appearance that is just as difficult to maintain.” – Priya Elan.

Well, Priya, I completely agree with you. Regular gals and guys, such as ourselves, on an average salary living pretty average lives, treat ourselves to expensive (ish) beauty products occasionally (I am a big believer of the whole ‘treat yo self phenomenon) Hell, my current mascara is a bit clumpy… but I don’t feel like I can spend £19 on a new one until I’ve finished this one… ya know, the usual.

It makes me sad that young girls are growing up surrounded by these unrealistic ‘ideals’ public figures promote. Yes, in the past, beauty has been heavily based on how well you can apply make up and how good your contour is. But now it seems girls may be shamed for wearing it – that by using make up they might be seen as inferior to others. Not only is it confusing to have these two completely contradictory points of view circling society, everyone should be able to feel confident whatever’s on, or not on, your face. Wear it, don’t wear it, who cares! (Slightly contradicting myself seeing as I’m adding to the debate, and caring very much, but I just couldn’t keep quiet about this one, sorry not sorry!)

If you have something you feel truly uncomfortable or embarrassed by, that can only be covered up by make up, then why the hell shouldn’t you?? Some people can truly only feel confident enough to leave the house when they’ve put on their make up… and you know what, thats normal. As much as it is normal enough to want to wear make up because, funnily enough, you just want to!

I don’t wear make up on a regular basis, and it’s usually because I honestly would rather spend that 10 minutes that would have been spent applying said make up… in bed. Sleeping. Or I just can’t be bothered. I’m a lazy morning type of gal and do not expect to be ‘congratulated’ for choosing sleep over a well-defined eyebrow.

Alicia Keys isn’t stupid… she knew that by making a come back with #nomakeup she hoped to spark a debate. And Im grateful for the chance to say something. I agree in the idea that girls (or boys) shouldn’t feel pressured to wear make up, as they should feel comfortable in their own skin, (as its the only one theyre gonna get)… but they should also be able to enjoy make up! It’s an amazing thing – you can literally transform your face, into a whole new person even!

#nomakeup shouldn’t be championed as the only way to be. It’s super unrealistic for young girls to think that flawless skin is bestowed upon them without paying a lot of money in the process. True, some people just aren’t spotty or acne-prone and naturally do have good skin… but I know people like that and they love wearing a full face of make up. It makes them feel more confident. I also know people like that who just don’t like wearing make up – another perfectly good reason, its either not good for their skin or they don’t feel like they need it. Completely fair enough. It certainly makes me feel more confident… a rouge lip is a great conversation starter.

I just hope that girls do want to experiment with make up after seeing the #nomakeup trend become so popular. Because I truly believe you haven’t done primary school right if you don’t turn up (after ransacking your mums make up bag) with blue eyeshadow, clumpy mascara and over-blushed cheeks… it sets you up for life. Trust me ;)


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