London diaries | first days and flat pack furniture |

Well it sure was a day of many firsts. The first of these firsts was in the form of my first morning commute to work… and it’s certainly safe to say I am definitely not worthy of the title ‘Londoner’ yet.

So there I was, waiting for the Jubilee Line around 8:30 yesterday morning to take me to Green Park and 5, I REPEAT, five trains, (chocker block, may I add) arrived, and opened their doors to reveal the masses of people, squished in like sardines unable to move themselves, let alone let me on. I walked up and down the platform trying to somehow telepathically work out which part of the train would be less crowded. Spoiler… I’m not telepathic! Or ruthless enough (yet) to push my way onto a stuffy crowded tube full of experienced commuters. I am very grateful that this commute was a one off (I had to go to the Oxford Circus Head Office for induction) and usually I will either walk or get the bus (Y).

I wonder if proper tube-pushing, escalator walking experienced commuters know who the newbies in town are? I try my best to act London-ey but I’m sure I give of this ‘I have no idea where I’m going’ vibe, especially with my head buried in Google Maps trying to work out if I’m even headed in the right right direction.

I’m certain they know I’m not from these parts when I try and get off the WRONG SIDE OF THE TRAIN. Yep, that happened… But I wasn’t technically a fully-fledged live-in London resident then so we can just write that one off, OK??? OK :)

My second first was my first day at my new job… and my brain is as full as those tubes. Full of names (half of which I have already forgotten), full of super important copywriter information and full of stuff I need to remember in order to be able to do my job correctly. The 2 other girls on my team were thankfully the nicest people ever and were more than happy to answer any question I had.

The first week, in any job, is always going to be the biggest learning curve and I’m really excited for the day that I stroll in, sit at my desk (I have my own desk!!!) and am able to get on with the job without even thinking about it (I give it a month… 6 weeks at a push?)

And the final first of the day was the most menial… my first attempt at putting together flat-pack furniture. A chest of drawers, in this case. When I first opened the instructions, not gonna lie, was a tad worried. There were so many letters and numbers and diagrams and whatnot – those who follow me on Snapchat (megplenderleith add me upppp) would have seen said worry accompanied with relevant emojis. You’ll be happy to know that 5 drawers have been lovingly put together, utilising both the screwy end and handle end of the screwdriver (couldn’t be bothered to find a real hammer) and the rest will hopefully come together after work today.

This isn’t technically a first, but I haven’t been on any particularly long runs in a while and I managed to run for 50 minutes… however I had to stop and take a picture of the glorious view I was treated with. Feast your eyes! I feel super lucky to be able to live so close to this and be able to run past it whenever I please; it acts as a great distraction from the general pain that comes with running.

I have two vlogs filmed that are yet to be edited, but when I get the time I’ll be uploading those onto my channel soon! In the mean time, if ya like have a watch of my other ones :)

Peace and love xxx




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