London diaries | why do i have so much crap |

…and with a newly acquired New Look staff discount, the crap pile can only continue to grow upwards, oh what a shame.

In an attempt to ‘adult’ I’ve decided to budget (lolllll) my travel money into a different account to make it easier to work out how much I have left at the end of each month to chuck in my savings account (again, lollllll).

How well this will turn out, and how long I stick to said budgeting, is a complete mystery as I am a notorious shopping addict and lazy lazy cook. Especially now the vegan life has taken over, finding food on the go is proving rather difficult and usually more expensive, if you want something semi-healthy.

I’ve therefore taken to following a lot of vegan cooking insta accounts… however these just show all of the yummy cake-y treats that will, in no way shape or form, assist my Great South Run goal bod. But they’re pretty to look at and, on a day I finally get around to making any of them, will taste super good and be completely cruelty free.

Back to my crap pile. I was wandering round Home Sense today, my second fave shop behind the one and only Paperchase (obvy), and picked up this (slight delayed realisation after cradling it for 10 mins) pretty ugly jewellery stand. After swooning over rugs and cushions (see, the adult life is clearly also having an interior decorator vibe effect on me) I put it back in its rightful place and swiftly left the store, realising I should just wait and get the way prettier one I saw in New Look when my discount kicks in. See… I’m learning! Growth (Y)

Dad has also dropped the bomb that only 4/5 boxes will fit in the car, and seeing that my London room is like 2/3rd the size of my current one, this doesn’t fill me with joy. But I have been leaving clothes I haven’t (and probs will never again) worn in the wardrobe in favour of the clothes I actually like… anddddd the fact I need to make more space for all the new clothes (soz not soz) and cute homey roomy bits I’m gonna be buying.

Filming a moving out vlog which I will hopefully get edited and uploaded Saturday evening but I’ll attempt to take some Pinterest worthy pics of my new room for a blog post too :)

Anyway, Gilmore Girls are a callin ma name!

Peace and love xox



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