Turning a shirt into a skirt

A slightly wonky skirt… but a skirt all the same! I probably should have drafted a pattern to avoid said wonkiness but I was excited to get it finished because I find lame stuff like that exciting.

It could have been tonnes neater and it was a tad on the big side but it’s still (just about) wearable and I’m pretty chuffed with it.

Whenever I look back on footage and watch me doing something cringe/lame/socially unacceptable it just makes me laugh, and even if no-one else finds it entertaining, I had fun doing it. Apart from when the machine wasn’t playing fair and kept deciding to do things without my say-s0… apart from that it was fun.

When I studied textiles A level at school I really did love it, but I hated the coursework and ‘proving’ how you got to certain design decisions and all that self evaluation and reflection crap. It took the fun out of one of my favourite creative outlets and I’m so super happy I’m able to look at a flat, plain, unimaginative men’s shirt, and (paired with a half pretty women’s top) turn it into something new and exciting.

The big move to London, a hub of inspiration and imagination, is only a few days away and I am constantly going to be surrounded by fashion-forward individuals, clothes, shoes and fabric allllllll day erry’ day… Therefore I’ve concluded (after little deliberation) that I’m going to HAVE to somehow acquire my own sewing machine (thanks mum xoxox).

This decision is v v v important in making sure my creative juices continue to flowwww because I know, that when I start becoming a regular in all vintage shops I can find, I’m going to find something made of the most amazing fabric… but it won’t fit me or it won’t be in the right style or something won’t work for me. And I KNOW that I’ll want to immediately take it home and make it work for me… and in my experience a sewing machine is necessary.

Anyway… pardon the rambling and go and check it out for yourself over on my channel :)

Gimme your opinions, in any shape or form :)

Peace and love xxx


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