London diaries |Finding somewhere to live|

As Im starting a brand new chapter (excuse the typical saying) of my life I thought I’d share with the big wide blogosphere of people out there!

I love knowing how many steps I do a day but even I wasn’t prepared when I checked the stats from the past couple of days. ..

So on the 12th September, I walked over 21,000 steps… IN ONE DAY. Thats like 15km… my feet were legit crying by the end of the day it wasn’t a good experience.

Then on the 14th, I walked over 16,000 steps… so probably around 12km.

But it was all worth it as I finally found a place! It’s a great price, it’s close to work, so I could even walk if I wanted! The guy who lives there already was super nice and easy to get along with, its just bloody perfect really. Great transport links to central, I’m 15 mins from London Bridge so (Y)

I write this sitting at a table at Farm Girl Cafe (if anyone in London hasn’t been then go, trust me the food is incredible!), at the last day of the A.C.F pop up. We had the launch event last night and the turnout was so good and the reaction to the first collection was nothing but positive. Glowing, you could say.


It’s been such a cool experience working with a start-up fashion brand and it was helpful coming in with some knowledge from Fashion Angel… as that’s what they did – gave new fashion brands advice and financial aid. And she was asking my opinions for stuff regarding the look of the launch which was so nice, felt good to have a positive impact on something.


Even though this week has probably been on the busiest of my life in terms of being at the pop-up from 8:30, house viewings whenever I had a spare slot, collecting clothes from all over London, getting on the wrong transport (lol), catching up with friends (the best part of the week) and just generally making my way from A-B, it’s really given me a taste of whats the come, and I can’t bloody wait.

I am literally so excited.

Excited to meet new people, excited to discover new places, excited about being so close to a vintage hub (goodbye money) excited to start a career, excited to be a proper grown up.

When I have time and am brave enough to vlog in public I will also be uploading a vlog and an alteration video once a week alternately, or more depending on whats happening, so head over to my channel and subscribe if it takes ya fancy! <

I am gonna (hopefully) nail this adulting lark and I couldn’t have chosen a better city to attempt it in.

Peace and love <3 xxx


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