new job new city (new vlog)

I GOT A JOBBBBBB WOOOOOO YEYYYYYYYY EEEEEE!!! I’m going to be a Product Copywriter for New Look, based in Bermondsey and I’m buzzin’!

I had the interview at 9.. and they phoned me at 3 with the good news. Nearly cried on the phone to the recruitment guy and then had to keep pretty chill about the whole thing because I was at the pop-up shop and couldn’t run around screaming/telling anyone who would listen whether they wanted to or not.

The clothes at the pop up are amazing! Literally I want everything and I just wish I could afford it (all).



Room hunting however is proving more frustrating than trying to find a job… There are so many little specifications that I need – location, price, transport links, age of the people living there and all this other malarky that has to be considered before signing on the dotted line.


I did my usual thing of finding one that ticked maybe 2/3rds of the boxes, but it was in a quite industrialised area so didn’t feel very homey… but the house was so so pretty, so clean, so modern, small room but that doesn’t bother me. However, my mother, as per, was probably right in saying that if I’d gone for it I’d wanna move in a couple of months, but who knows! Got a few more lined up so something will hopefully capture my heart soon.

I also filmed a new vlog and baking video! Head on over to my channel ThreadHead and check them out (and like and subscribe please and thanks)

Peace and love xxx