First alteration video :)

Today my first alteration video went live wahoooooo! Filming it was quite a lonnnng process but it turned out to be a really sweet little dress.

I’ve taught myself how to use iMovie to edit these videos but I’m sure there’s a better progamme… however I’m not in any financial state to be able to pay for anything decent as of yet, seeing as I not only want to buy a proper camera, but I also want to buy a new sewing machine, seeing as I have no power cable for mine (N).

I have some savings but I don’t really want to use them yet, but if I find a pastel coloured sewing machine I can’t promise my bank account anything!

I also embarked on baking some vegan pancakes this evening that were absolutely bloody lavly, I vlogged it as a sort of baking video… in no way was it as profesh as the proper baking vids but I think I might film some more, so my channel may turn more into a variety of alterations, baking and vlogging (Y)

Who knows! It’s fun and I’m enjoying it so I’m just gonna film whenever it takes ma fancy :)

Below is a before and after of the dress… but you’ll have to watch the video to find out how it happened…

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 21.48.27


Happy watching, please like and subscribe if you like whatcha see!

Peace and love xxx


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