Hello… brain cells?

Boredom is a dull dull thing to experience boys and gals. Especially when you’re a creative soul, such as myself. Having been back, from my boozey holibob to Greece, for 3 days I’m already circling the boredom spiral… and something needs to change. Rapido!

Therefore, I have decided to start a YouTube channel… (lol). I watch YouTube most days; I adore watching vlogs and alteration videos and just laid-back chilled people having a natter. I’m the queen of nosiness and just enjoy finding out things about absolutely anything. So I thought I would share with you something I am super passionate about but haven’t been able to do a lot of… altering clothes!

I learnt to sew from a very young age, probably at Brownies or something, and since then I have always loved being able to see something in a charity shop and re-imagine it in my mind. Luckily I do have a sewing machine, otherwise a lot of what I’m (hopefully) going to be filming wouldn’t be as easy, for example button holes! But fear not.. I will be demonstrating super easy stuff that anyone with a needle and thread could learn in minutes :)

I have no idea if it’s going to be popular, if people even want to watch a gal such as myself sitting in her dining room hemming a dress… but I’m going to give it a go, because I can just feel my creative brain cells physically leaving my head! It’s crazy how I can go from being so in-touch with my creative side at Uni, to having absolutely no outlet for it whatsoever. And that makes me sad… therefore I need to fuel my creative fire into doing something I love and then sharing it with other people, coz ya know… sharing’s caring :)

Once I have thought of a semi-decent name I will let y’all know and begin sewing!

Much love <3


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