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Adulting sucks.

As if the last time I posted anything was MARCH. That was obviously the last time I felt like writing… and that makes me super sad.

I have always said my dream is to work for a high-end fashion magazine, like Vogue… but the problem with that is I’m one in a million in a sea of other fashion graduates with the same (or better) degrees and dreams as me.

Now, I know people spend months upon months searching for jobs and to say I’ve only been hunting for 6 weeks or so is such a small amount of time in comparison, but the issue here is that I am probably one of the most impatient people you will ever come across. I want everything I want to happen instantaneously, purely because I am just so excited to start my career… like now please!!

I want to be excited about going to work. I want to WANT to go to work. I want a job title I want to scream about and show-off… and, as my parents keep telling me, I just have to wait and be patient (my least favourite word btw).

And I share these views and impatient tendencies with near enough every single 2016 graduate who hasn’t found a job they love yet.

And another thing… thats OK!! It’s ok to be unemployed or working in a temporary job for a quick money spinner, its OK to hate that you have to do that because potential employers haven’t realised how brilliant you are yet ;).

I apply for something pretty much every day, I’d say I’m nearly hit the 80 application count mark now. I’ve either been interviewed or considered initially for maybe 10 of those. So, using my ‘excellent numerical skills’ listed on my CV… I make that 1 in 8 jobs applied for will result in something positive, which, lets be honest, is pretty disheartening.

But that’s life unfortunately. I may get a job tomorrow or it may be 3 months (I have a couple of things in the pipe-line so please cross all of your fingers and toes). My impatient alter-ego needs a good talking to (and perhaps a slap) if I’m honest and she needs to understand that nothing happens overnight. I am a very strong believer in ‘if it’s meant to be, it’ll be’ and I just haven’t found that ‘be’ yet. Everyone is going through their own personal struggles and uncertainties… and right now, this is mine!

If you’re reading this and are in the same position just keep applying! If I encourage just one person to log onto that job site and apply for a couple of positions on a whim… well, I’ll consider that a win in itself :)


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