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A little kick up the butt

It’s come to that terrifying milestone I never thought would burst my little Winchester Uni bubble; I’ve nearly finished. I have 3 weeks of lectures left, one dissertation to hand in and one exam to complete… and I have no bloody clue how I’m going to feel when its finally over.

I look back to when it all started, how I nearly packed it all in the first few weeks, how I switched courses 8 weeks in as a result of the ‘near-quit’ incident, and realise how far I’ve actually come… I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I’m bloody proud of myself! Some of the stuff that’s been thrown at my course-pals and I has been utterly ridiculous but somehow, through the power of the fashion gods and a LOT of coffee, we’ve nearly got our degrees.

We were given our graduation dates the other day and its really given me the motivation to just get on and do it. I was saying to my housemate earlier how I couldn’t be bothered to do any work and I wasn’t feeling very productive and blah blah moan moan, when, as I got into bed ready for a nap and Netflix (lol), I found a new urge of productivity… to write!

I count myself as one of the lucky ones, someone who knows exactly what they want to do. I think I’ve known for a while; when I started this blog, I think I tried to be too much like all the other fashion blogs out there and I found myself mimicking others just to try and get the stats up… when in fact my writing should be for me! If people want to read it, they will.

I know its a long way off before I can properly classify myself as a ‘journalist’ but I’m really excited/nervous. I reckon after a few rejection letters and a few failed interviews I’ll probably feel a bit shit… but I hope I remember how I feel today and remember that it’s the same for everybody and that if it doesn’t happen today, it will happen tomorrow. ‘That’s life’ as my mum would say!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have 2 sayings ‘it’ll get done’ and ‘what will be, will be’. I tend to direct the first one to my course gals over and over again whenever we’re not in the mood for uni work in the hope that, ya know, it actually DOES get done (it always does, proof that it works right?) And the second one I use for everything else; I am about to be unleashed back into normal society and it’s going to take some major adjustments.

Gone are the days of just deciding not to go to a lecture for favour of a couple of extra hours in bed and gone are the days of week-day night outs that means I am a zombiefied version of myself for the entire next day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really going to miss all that, but I am also SO done. I am so done with uni and I am very excited to start my real, adult, grown up life.

So here I am, not doing my university work, something  I REALLY really really need to get on it, giving myself a lazy Saturday in bed. But instead I’m typing out this little blog post… documenting my musings and working in another way, working on my future (sorry for the mushy-ness).




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