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‘To Buy’ list

Right, in order for me to blog about make-up tips and whatnot, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to need to invest in some new bits (hehe). I have already got some decent make up but sometimes, expensive doesn’t always mean better! I’ll diverge more in my next post. Anyway, when payday finally graces me with its presence I’m going to be getting some new make-up brushes, these in particular, a huge (and very affordable) set by Ovonni.


I could go and buy individual brushes but that will end up costing so much more! I got some lovely No.7 brushes from my birthday from the bro that I use all the time, but theres no harm in having more right, (right!)

I also really want to get to grips with contouring… It scares me a little as I don’t to look want to like a drag-queened version of Kim K by the end of it. However, theres lots of tutorials online, practice makes perfect! This is the kit I plan on getting, so cheap and you get a decent looking brush also! I will keep you all updated when I find enough money to pay for them (Y).



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