Got Lazy… Time for a change (:

I say I want to be a fashion journalist and I say that I will religiously update this blog every week… has that happened?! NO. So annoyed with myself. But sometimes, I just don’t have anything to say.

I have however just bought my gorgeous Lily Collett co-ord (will do a whole separate post for that)…

I’m just not feeling very inspired lately, and this makes me sad. I have got a few clothes that will need altering soon but theres only so many times I can shorten skirts or taper waists without people loosing interest… Make-up is another big love of mine, Benefit is my Achilles heel, money is no issue when they have something I want (stupid I know).

I have just been stalking this lovely girls make-up tutorial blog and have realised that whilst I love watching tutorials like that, girls on these types of videos always have the perfect make-up face. I, on the other hand, have pretty flat brows, no cheekbones, teeny lips and an odd hair-line. I really want to do some tutorials for girls without the stereotypical high-brow face. I’m not in any way shape or form claiming to be an expert, far from it if I’m honest, but I have picked up a few tips that I think will be really interesting (hopefully).

My blog inspo is forever Zoella. I was looking at her blog the other day for ideas and she does reviews of lots of things… and I have lots of things I could talk about, from books to hair doughnuts to cake-stand make up stands (i know!).

So yeh, whilst fashion is the main focus of this blog, I need to branch out, happy reading! <3


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