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Day 2 of shows kicked off with Judy Wu in the Gallery. Her collection was somewhat varied, but it all fitted together so nicely; comparisons and repeats of fabrics for each item was easily spotted yet done in a way that each look was unique in itself. Main trends that were carried through were dark green and greyish geometric lycra-ish fabrics, wooly socks with brogues, bright pinks and turquoises  with the main silhouette centred around long drapes at the front and short at the back, or visa versa. Coloured leather overlays with metal studs were also featured heavily which helped break up the bright colours and clashing patterns.

IMG_1899 IMG_1900

Apu Jan was also showing in the Gallery yesterday, his collection was simple yet stylish and extremely wearable. Not only did he use neutral tones as a way of allowing the piece to be worn with a variety of colours, his shapes and structure used were extremely original and very likeable indeed.

IMG_1903 IMG_1904

I know its a bit blurry but I FINALLY got a picture of my outfit. High waisted black jeans from Topshop, and the shirt is from a vintage warehouse in Winchester called Molly’s Den. It came as a 2 piece with a midi skirt in the same fabric but in a slightly different colour way (pictured here in a shoot I did for a friends 3rd year project).




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