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The 1st day of shows is over! We saw amazing design innovation from James Kelly, Jamie Wei Huang and Ccuco along with others at Freemasons Hall today. Managed to catch a few shows as my official call time wasn’t until 2:30pm, but I was milling around the building looking into the other hair and MU rooms, taking advantage of not needing to be anywhere. The first show of the week was Jamie Wei Huang who used a variety of fabrics and textures to create a colourful and structured collection interspersed with faux fur accessories and gorgeous block soled shoes.



Backstage at Jamie Wei Huang

FROW at Jamie Wei Huang, Pandemonia, Andy Jordan and Kendra Wilkinson




I didn’t see or work on the Minnan Hui show but I absolutely LOVED THE HAIR. Such an inventive way to create height using whispy hairs from the plaits. The clothes were a rainbow of colours and silhouettes with organza overlays and clashing prints.


Backstage hair at Minnan Hui




I already had the pleasure of seeing (and trying on!!) some of James Kelly’s collection when I helped at the Selection panel last year. James was the lucky winner of the Fashion Scout Merit Award and his show, of course, amazing. The collaboration of mysterious music and slow walking models created a clever atmosphere unique to this collection. The models, as you can see in the video were theatrical and complemented their looks perfectly. The collection is a dark colour pallet of deconstructed trench and over-coats with feathers and fleecy textures to create even more structure to the long draping silhouettes.



Ccuco never fails to bring something different to the catwalk. Her use of metallic fabrics and pinched in waists allowed for a variety of interpretations. The dark colours contradicted the reflections coming off the metallic fabrics to create a continuous collection. The constant use of sheer fabric gave the collection a softer feel against some of the heavier structured looks.




One thought on “LONDON FASHION WEEK AW15 – DAY 3

  1. pissed off model says:

    i feel bad that you were lured in by ccuoco…they still haven’t paid everyone who helped them last year.

    Liars. Thieves.

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