General, LFW


SO, today consisted of more prep for tomorrows first day of shows. I met 2 more of the production assistants and we got on with the rest of the jobs for the day – putting vinyls of sponsors on walls, filling goodie bags ready for the shows tomorrow and setting up the hair and make- up rooms.



Also, didn’t manage to get a proper photo of my look today but if you can see in the picture, I wore a vintage t-shirt shift dress that I shortened from below the knee with my vintage Levi denim jacket and my glorious Laura Ashley burgundy brogues.

The hoards of volunteers also arrived today and were all given a tour of the building along with a briefing of what will happen throughout the week and what they will be doing etc! Production assistants were given an in-depth briefing from the Show Producer and assigned a hair and make-up room for the week. Very excited for the week ahead, and with 7 shows tomorrow, its going to be a busy one! Check back tomorrow for LOTS of pictures of clothes and backstage brilliantness, including Jamie Wei Huang and Mariana Jungmann. AND, as promised, a couple more pictures of the building, one of the temple with an AMAZING ceiling.10993402_10153232018649155_4305394949064712664_n



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