In some cases, there is no need for that question mark. Social media is plastered with celebrity images, women and men with perfectly sculpted bodies posing underneath perfectly manufactured light in perfectly applied make-up… and the end result is a very fake photoshopped or digitally enhanced image to fool anyone who looks at it. I have just started my second semester of my second year and one my assignments asks for a blog post about a healthy lifestyle. It got me thinking… I know that everyone wants to look good in pictures, but theres looking good and healthy… and then theres looking unrealistically ‘barbie doll’ perfect and fake!

A prime example of this is when Kim Kardashian ‘broke the internet’, and I know this isn’t exactly recent news but my assignment lit a bulb of inspiration (new years resolution will be stuck to this year!!). I mean fair play, she’s obviously confident enough in her own skin to pose for naked photos and then have the broadcast for the entire world to oggle at… And sure, we all looked at them and were baffled at how someones behind can be THAT shapely to successfully perch a champagne glass on.




The Kardashian sisters are all, as we VERY well know, well-endowed in regards to their bottoms. And Kim especially, wanted everyone to know just how well-endowed she is… But it is just so mind-numbingly, obviously fake! However, there has been speculation over whether the ‘un-touched’ pictures are also fakes so no one really knows the truth, but it is highly unlikely that the published image is a truthful portrayal of said bottom.



And this isn’ the first time she’s gone under the computerised knife. She clearly has this idealistic image of herself in her head that she chooses to display to the public through social media, but we know those curves are not that, well, curvy. I understand that sometimes, over exaggeration of some body parts are for artistic purposes… but changing your body shape to conform to social acceptance of a ‘perfect’ body type is not okay and not something that should be publicised so freely. Vulnerable young people, who see these celebs as role models, will be influenced by anything that is published about them, be their appearance or an action they choose to take.Β Everyone has something about their body they want to change, even Justin Bieber felt an enlargement was in order! Same as before however, the ‘untouched’ versions are apparently fake…


Believe what you like, but celebrities are celebrities for a reason. They have fans and people that admire and appreciate whatever they do. Celebrities have the power to influence anything as long as the person under that influence is unhappy in their own skin, whether that be their weight or what they wear. Yes, use celebs as INSPIRATION, but you are your own person, know your limits, you will never look exactly the same as someone else. No one should want to be a a digitally enhanced version of themselves…your body shape is yours!! Be good to it. Unless you are blessed with a perfect hourglass bone structure, a Kim K bottom is not in your future…


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