The first Monday of 2015…

I am the first to admit that I have not been as dedicated to updating this blog as I should have been… ANYWAY. New Year, new resolution. Mine is to update this blog once a week with anything that I’ve done, found inspiring, anything really! I have bought and received a few beauties that I will post once decent pictures have been taken. I am blogging from my new MacBook Air :D :D which was a present from me to me before christmas because i could (and PayPal credit (Y)) I will leave you, the first of many posts to grace this blog in 2015, with some pictures from a selection panel I helped out with for LFW 2015 with Fashion Scout.

lfw sp 1 lfw sp lfw sp2


3 thoughts on “The first Monday of 2015…

  1. Join the club, but you’re outta my league – I didn’t post in my blog for about 6 months.. lol

    In that end of year stats stuff that they send out, I wouldn’t be suprised if it spat out something like β€˜You’re 6 months of desertion balances out to 6 months of half assed blogging effort…

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