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Vintage haul

Went on a little vintage hunt yesterday in Winchester and went into Fab Vinatge, a gorgeous vintage store tucked away in the town centre and found a few lovely pieces. Absolutely fell in love with a pale blue and white striped Sambo dress, fitted pretty well and I would have bought it if it wasn’t for the price tag…ยฃ65. Bit of a stretch for me but I ended up with a lovely blue denim pinafore dress. It does need some altering though but now mother dearest brought up the sewing machine from home to my new house in Winchester,ย I can do lots of altering and finally start making my dress too! Bought the pattern for it from a charity shop in Exeter and have been waiting to get a start on it for a while so I am really excited. Will document my progress with both my vintage dress and the hand-made dress on here! PS: Vogue reviews to follow tomorrow evening (Y)

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