So I have been receiving Vogue every month for a while now, courtesy of a subscription crimbo present but what I fail to do most of the time is to actually read the articles, just stare/drool over the pretty pictures of all the things I will never be able to afford but so desperately want. Anyway, thinking about this, from now on I have decided to, when I get my copy through the post is to read it from cover to cover, and to PROPERLY read it and then review a couple of the articles I have read. Vogue is ultimately the dream job for me, it’s where I want to end up and clearly from writing this blog I enjoy writing about fashion and wearing it (obviously).

Anyway, thought I would update you all, whoever’s reading on my trail of thoughts for this blog because I feel I want to get some staple template posts going, ones that I do every week or so that are of interest to me and hopefully of interest to all of you too :)


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