DAY 4.

Today was incredible, probably my favourite collection so far. I know I keep changing favourites but this one was truly gorgeous. The designers name was Zeynup Tosun from Turkey, but she had studied in Milan and then worked, so jealous of her life in general. Anyway, here are a few photos I managed to take, also the most friendly and organised team I’d worked with too, we got sandwiches!!

photo 3 (2)

My models profile and the clothe she was assigned, seriously, how she walked in something so heavy I do not know. Serious respect for models knowing now what goes on backstage at Fashion week!

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Such an interesting print used throughout the collection, and the boots and hats were just amazing, went with every outfit so so well.

photo 4 (1)Backstage getting ready, hair and nails galore!!

photo 1 (2)

The Vestibule runway


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