DAY 3.

Today held in store a huge variety of collections, from London to Portugal and from neons and earthy colours and all, as always, incredible. Jobs completed today included helping to dress for Mimi Fasi, easily one of the best collections I’ve seen so far! We all described it as very ‘Channel’ but with a neon/bright colour twist…

photo 5 (5)

photo 4 (8)

photo 3 (9)

I also FINALLY got to watch a show! Basharatyan V’s collection was absolutely stunning, the colours and prints used were like nothing I’ve seen this week. I also loved how she cropped some of her tops and teamed them with long skirts made of all kinds of materials and colours, including a gorgeous deep green. The description of inspirtation given on one of the papers left on the seats for spectators described it as so

“…based on the nature conservation paradise ‘Heidmork’ in Iceland, which gives its name to the collection…the feel and colour palette of the collection with icy blues, neutral creams and greens contrasted with a vibrant red found in a spectacular Icelandic sunrise.”

Will post the finale video I took in the next post!



Today we also helped dress models for Portugal Fashion show, 2 designers features and I was helping Daniela Barros but Joao Melo Costa also showcased his amazing designs. Below are the shoes the models for Joao Melo Costa’s show. The boots our models wore had been polished so every time we had to tie a lace or are hands just turned black! This collection was very unique and each item tied in really well together, especially when her signature print was on leather, very original.

photo 1 (1)

The last 3 pictures were taken for the official Fashion Scout blog.


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