Technically I have already done day 3 aswell, but once I explain why I didn’t do DAY 2, last night I hope you all understand and forgive <3

SO,ย day 2 was incredible. Started off by making little presents for spectators of George Styler’s show as a part of the ‘Ones to watch’ segment of the week. His collection was stunning, lots of embellishments and bright colours, really eye-catching. I can see why he’s one to watch!

photo 4 (6) photo 2 (7)

I then helped out, along with some other interns, with Ong Oaj Pairams show. I found his collection really sophisticated, yet edgy, as some of the prints were quite unconventional and some materials used were also very unusual.

ong-oaj pairam aw14 london fashion week

photo 1 (8)(Me and Helena were VERY excited about this outfit, pastel is BACK people)

Then came the turn of Pam Hogg, her collection was like nothing I’d seen before, and was about the Pussy Riots. The way her outfits merged together, a series of jumpsuits (transparent and not) to a really extravagant gold and white dress with a Tudor like collar and a hugeeeeee layed skirt…

photo 5 photo 3 (7) photo 4

The final show of the day we helped out with and dressed for was Pinghe. Her team all wore gold ‘pinghe straws’ which I thought was really lovely as it showed they were all part of a team supporting the designer, Pinghe. :) Her designs were FABULOUS. She bought the fishtail back, I saw a dropped hem dress and some angora fur.

NOW, why I didn’t do this yesterday is because, due to all this glorious weather we’ve been having, the train didn’t get back to Winchester until 2:30am. So I allowed myself a one off.


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