I put my hands up, clothes are probably one of the first things I look at when I look at someone, purely because peoples fashion sense fascinates me. Now, I KNOW we all look at some people and think ‘what on earth are they wearing???’ (Don’t deny it…) This happens because everyone has their own sense of style, and that is how it should be! How boring would it be if everyone dressed the same and no one had any opinions? Boring.Β 

fashion clog

When I see someone in an outfit I like, if you’re with me I will probably comment on it to you, try and work out where its from, admire it from a distance, and then maybe go and try and find something similar AND THEN, probably buy it. I genuinely have a shopping problem. Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic… if I ever, EVER, get as bad as that, someone stop me please, not just for my sake, for everyones.

reb for blog

I think I would describe my sense of style as quirky, mixed with a bit of geek chic, and classic cuts and lines (and sometimes just pajamas/leggins/dressing gown/shapeless stuff all day, I’m a student, its allowed) I love all things blazer and Peter Pan collars. But again, you lovely people looking at this blog may think ‘what the hell is she wearing’, which is fine, because it’s your opinion! Be prepared for the next post, I went shopping…


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