College reunited.

So, cheering up was needed and for me and it involved my girl Beth and lots of drinky poos. It’s like we both know the routine of getting ready in my house. Beth takes the mirror from my bathroom and sets up herself up in her own little corner of my room and I get my mirror and do the same. We borrow (and sometimes forget to give back, Bay I’ve still got your lippy) and swap make up until we either can’t be bothered to do anymore to our faces or we realise how little we have drunk! Anyway, the night was interesting, saw so many people from college because everyone was back home from uni and it was really nice :). This is what we wore.


Beth wore
All from New Look
I wore
Dress from Misguided and shoes from Topshop (and her scrunchie :D)

I know I already posted this dress before for a possible New Years outfit, but me and my girls have decided to have a night of wine and drinking games in someone’s house, probs mine as it’s nearer to pubs if we feel like it!


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