Master class.

Today at uni we had a very lovely lady called Stephanie Finnan come in to talk to us about improving our portfolios and gave us tips for future interviews. She was wearing the most amazing lace jacket that we were all fascinated with, so much so I had to ask her where she got it from and surprisingly, it wasn’t from a luxury brand, it was from a vintage shop in Paris! She generally looked very professional, pairing the jacket with a plain black t shirt, acid wash black jeans and simple black heels.

One of her tips for interviews was to dress to impress the brand. Companies have their own style, their own brand. Stephanie suggested researching the brand before interview so you come across knowledgable and so you can also ask them questions, rather than them just firing questions at you.

She told us about her website called ‘Fashion Careers Clinic’ and said we could email her! Which is really nice of her because she is a very very busy women and to take the time to help uni students is extremely kind. She also recommended getting a profile on LinkedIn as this is a professional platform and a way to promote yourself.


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