That foreign feeling

I love London, I really do, but you know when you get that feeling that you’re a tourist in your own country? Well, during my first experience of Camden Market, thats exactly what how felt. I absolutely could not wait to explore all the vintage stores, stalls and street sellers and was not disappointed. 

I was there visiting one of my best friends Beth who goes to uni in Greenwich. Hadn’t seen her since we both set of for uni in September so I was extremely over excited! To top it all off my other two besties also joined us, Mais and Bri, for a day of searching and spending (too much in my case)


I’m not going to give you a step by step account of the day but I wanted to post some of the pictures I took and also some of the amazing vintage garments I found, but sadly, being a student ,couldn’t afford :(

Before heading to Camden Beth gave us a quick tour of he campus, and oh my days. I thought Winchester was pretty (where I go to uni), but hers was breathtaking! Jealously didn’t cover it and I think you’ll all agree with me.


So, after trying to be a ‘proper Londoner’ on the tube, we arrived in Camden. If I could have gone into every shop, I probably would’ve, but I had a few things I actually needed to buy.


The person I was buying for told me he wanted a belt and a wallet, easy? It took a few urms and ahhs before I found the right one because after being shopping with him on a few occasions and him not finding the perfect one, I knew the type of wallet he wanted. You know when you go shopping and you can picture what you want but everything that comes close is always missing something else? Well this is the situation when wallet shopping with boys… I obviously came up trumps because he loved the one I gave him so, happy days :) And I really didn’t mind looking at a few because the smell of leather is nothing to complain about!


We wandered around some lovely shops and stalls and below are some of the items I found that I either wanted or just found amusing!








Shopping is tough, so we decided to have some food from the market. Beth, Mais and I all got pancakes, but Bri, being Bri, got a pulled pork sandwich! I then found my favourite buy of the day, my new hat. Having travelling around Asia for 3 months this summer I had perfected my bartering skills, and, with the help from Mais, we managed to get the price down from £20 to £12. I was chuffed and think I look like the little girl from that film Madeline… Maybe?


I really loved wandering around all of the street markets because they truly sold everything! We found some beautiful ethnic looking throws that I was very tempted by, but, annoyingly, had to restrain myself from buying.



All in all, my first experience of Camden was extremely successful and will definitely return, but next time, a bigger purse might be needed…


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