f*ck boys 101 (Part two)

Let us continue…

I had offered up my culinary skills as I’m pretty poor and had food in the fridge that needed eating! He came over to my – totally planned – free house, and well… yeh. To save you the gory details (sorry parents and other family members) the inevitable happened haha. Dinner happened, chat happened and I slowly realised that actually this guy was nice… but he really wasn’t my cup of tea and his BP (boyfriend potential) was very low. His BP continued to drop when he chose to debate feminism with me and then continued to say something along the lines of ‘being a white male is hard you know because everyone hates us’… YEP. I mean in hindsight I should have completely thrown him out right there and then.

As I said, I had already told myself that this would just be a bit of fun, no strings blah blah and was pretty confident we would be meeting up again… funnily enough because he said he’d like to and it had been fun. I am a pretty stand up gal, I am completely against lying and try and be as honest with people as possible without upsetting them – so I tend to trust people until they give me a reason not to. Could be seen as naïve but I’m a very optimistic person so that is just how I rolllll. And, as another friend of mine pointed out yesterday when I told her I had written this blog – regardless of the situation and knowing a ‘bit of fun’ will never turn into anything serious, you should always respect the person you are sharing that experience with. Treating them like you would want to be treated is not bloody rocket science – all it takes is honesty and mutual kindness, something a lot of people sadly lack nowadays.

Fast-forward a week…

Had he text me? Yes, a bit, very brief and only on the evening he left my house. Had I tried texting him to no avail? Yes. Had I screen-shot the convo to all my girlfriends to ask for their advice? Yes. Sorry guys, but you all know that is what happens now, its 2018. So after careful consideration and the quick realisation the ‘friends with benefit’ scenario I had planned out in my head was in fact going to be a one-time thing, I sent him a rather sassy text.

Now, before you all start thinking ‘why didn’t you just leave it’, or ‘he’s not worth it’, or ‘it was obviously just going to be a one time thing’ HEAR ME OUT. Firstly, in my opinion, it was very very strongly suggested that we would be meeting up again as I was under the impression we had both had a good time. Secondly, why the hell should I just leave it? He completely played me and entirely succeeded and I felt like I owed it to myself to say my peace. And lastly, no, I knowwww he’s not worth it at all, but I knew I would feel better if I said something because I am quite sassy by nature (red head hellooooo) and he had been a little shit quite frankly.

My text said something along the lines of ‘i don’t appreciate being used and lied to but I feel like a complete idiot who fell for your fake charm. Don’t treat other girls like this it’s fucking out of order. Bye.’

Mr Shitty Fitty had the CHEEK to reply (not even a ‘sorry I’ve been busy’ which would have been a blatant lie but at least it would have been a vague apology) something like ‘you have know idea what I have been through this week.’ Yeh. I then felt so so guilty (because that is the kind of person I am, dumb I know). I am too nice for my own good (a quality I have slowly learnt adjust when around certain people) so I found myself APOLOGISING. His reply me feel so bad but I knew that if I had just continued to be my true sassy self I would have felt even guiltier. So I decided to end it as amicably as I could whilst still maintaining some integrity, kind of.

So to conclude, I am not quite sure why I suddenly felt the need to share this with anyone who chooses to read it but the London dating scene is tough. It’s a minefield and it’s bloody brutal, so I guess I had just come to end of my tether and needed to vent and get it all out on paper in response to all the people out there who have been played!! The morale of this story and the lesson I have learnt is that I am not good at ‘casual’ and do not have the right attitude for this type of relationship. I am the least cool person you will ever met and I will 100% never be breezy. A ‘friends with benefits’ scenario will only ever end in tears (mine) so I shouldn’t have really put myself in that situation in the first place… BUT HEY. I’m only human, we all make mistakes and this is certainly one I intend to never ever make again. People who have met someone all say the same thing – ‘it’ll happen when it happens’ – and I believe that too… but in the meantime, whilst the ‘it’ decides exactly when to happen, I hope this rant provides some solitude to others in similar situations and perhaps a laugh or two, because taking life too seriously is no fun at all.

f*ck boys 101 (Part one)

DISCLAIMER – Mum, read this if you dare but please don’t let Dad… This is not a generalisation as I am very aware that not all guys are like this and, in fact, the majority of them are lovely. Since this little lapse in judgement I have (thank heavens) met some very lovely guys on my dating endeavours! This is just a rant that I felt like sharing beyond my gals group chat for no reason in particular.

As a 23 (24 in less than 4 weeks people) year old, relatively normal gal, living in London, it’s a given that I have either Tinder or Bumble downloaded… and it is even more inevitable that I have an array of hilariously laughable date stories I can’t not share with you all. Ok… some of them actually aren’t that funny; some of them are just plain mean but unfortunately, as I have very very VERY slowly learnt (much to the misery of my friends who have probably given me the same advice after each dating story ends in a similar fashion) that’s life… but one guy will surprise me! When it comes to dating in London you just have to take it on the chin and realise that it really isn’t something to take personally. But if you do take it personally, which trust me I do each and every time, before I swiftly check myself and repeat the mantra that I’m a bloody delight and any man would be lucky to have me… please know that you’re not alone AT ALL. We’ve all been fucked over, we’ve all fucked over someone and I think it is about time we all start being a lot nicer to our fellow humans.

So, as the story concluded in the form of the ‘final message’ a while ago, and I was texting my bestie like ‘I really want to write a blog about this’ and she almost instantly replied (unlike nearly all the boys I’ve text) ‘DO ITTTT!! And say about my guy too!!’ Yep… the same thing happened to her. Now, I have enough confidence and pride in my appearance to say that I know what I, and my friend, are worth… and it is a HELLA lot more than what these boys could offer us, hence why I know I can write this post without feeling ashamed/embarrassed/scared. We are all worth, gals and guys, so much, but we end up putting ourselves down and lowering our own expectations because we think what we’ve had previously from relationships is all we’re ever GOING to get. And it is about time I remind myself (and hopefully in the process remind anyone reading this) that it really isn’t – the grass believe it or not is greener (still waiting to hop over my allocated metaphorical fence and land on said grass) and there are men and women out there who won’t treat you like a piece of poop. I promise!

Let’s begin…

Picture this – I have matched with Mr Shitty Fitty (his name henceforth) on a dating app (if Bumble is your app of choice girls be prepared to come up with something original and witty because this app has given guys the power to just completely ignore any “Hey, how are yous” that they get)… and convo is flowinggggg, it’s going really well and we agree to switch numbers so that the convo continues on Whatsapp (also the devil). The chat gets flirtier and flirtier (all fun and games) and it was pretty clear we were going to get on in real life. So we met for a coffee, had a lovely chitchat, both recognised how sexually attracted we both were to each other and went our separate ways as he had an evening shift. He was a complete gentleman on the surface and, as the flirty chats continued after the first date, it became increasingly clear that sex was on the cards, which again, I was fine with. I wanted to. I haven’t really toyed with the idea of ‘friends with benefits’ properly before as I’ve watched too many silly romcoms that proves that theory perfectly, but I told myself that if I went into it knowing it was just going to be a sex thing, then having a bit of fun for a few weeks with a fit guy who I got on well with would be just that… fun!! So that is what I told myself, just sex, just fun.

So… a second date was arranged.


… and part two will grace your screens tomorrow evening. It was too long to publish as one post! So if you care enough to find out what happens (and you can probably tell by the title of this post) then come back tomorrow (:

No deal.

I’ve had the Guardian job search page open on my laptop for around 20 minutes now. I’ve had a scroll and browsed some of the potential jobs on offer knowing full well that after I hit ‘Apply’ I won’t hear a peep out of any of them.

And you know why I know that…

Because that’s life unfortunately.

And, as millennials – that’s what we have been taught.

That’s life, deal with it.

I have seen many an opinion about how my generation feel like we are privileged – how we’ve had it easy and how we’re entitled… yet lazy?

I am a typical millennial, but I certainly don’t fall into all the categories associated with this generation.

We apparently set the bar too high for ourselves – this is true. I have stupidly high expectations of myself and whilst I tell myself these expectations are too high it doesn’t stop me from wanting to achieve the goals I set for myself. Why shouldn’t I have high standards. That, again, is what I have been taught.

All through university it was drilled into us that we need all this experience and all these skills to be able to succeed. So ya know what I did?

I went out, found the experience and gained the skills… LOW AND BEHOLD… it didn’t make a blind bit of difference when applying for jobs because every single other person also applying also those same skills and experience…. you see where I’m going here?

We have a sense of entitlement because we fucking deserve it!

We went to uni, we worked the shitty part time jobs to support ourselves. We stuck out the degrading apprenticeships and internships because we were told we ‘need’ them to prove we are more well rounded people. And yet we, the millennials, are labelled ‘lazy’.


‘2 piles of CV’s – 1 pile with a degree and 1 pile without… which pile do you think they are going to hire from?’

Recognise that speech?

In some situations this is true, especially for vocational courses, but for some it doesn’t mean shit whether you have a degree or not.

How has wanting a job we love and enjoy doing been spun into a negative trait? Apparently we also job hop too much. This, for me, is also quite true. But that’s because we all feel like we have to have a job to make it seem to ourselves that we aren’t wasting our time.

So we take job after job, gaining all of this varied experience and yet our dream employer will still want something else.

I’m not really sure the conclusion I want to draw from this latest rant of mine is, but I guess I just want change. I want less pressure and I want that sense of fulfilment when it comes to my work life… because right now, it ain’t happening!

And if that makes me a lazy/entitled millennial then I guess that’s what I am… but I see it as bettering myself by scoping out the life I want for myself by not settling for something I don’t really want to do.

I refuse to just carry on ‘dealing with it’ because ‘that’s life’. Life is what you make it and I am boring myself by plodding on without forcing change upon myself.

Because what’s the point in that?


(Byeeeee, off to apply for more jobs I’ll never hear back from!)

These are not ‘real’ women

The first negative blog I wrote about Vogue was all about how their senior editors were slamming street style bloggers… this time the negativity (a feeling I’m trying to stay away from) is back in full swing and Vogue, are yet again, the culprits.

Their March cover was designed to celebrate ‘Fashion’s Fearless Females’ and 125 years of Vogue. This cover was going to focus on a beauty revolution and just basically celebrate women.

That sounds great right? Wrong. Look at the cover and tell me why you think I’m slightly peeved.

If the answer isn’t screaming at you then please, read on. If it does then I’m very glad I’m not alone in this frustration.

The first title I love! Women do rule, we’re all freakin’ fabulous. The second line I also like – being fearless in any walks of life is super important and the fashion industry is full of sassy independent fashion-forward women who deserve to be celebrated and recognised for just how inspirational they are.

SO why… (and this really bothers me) is the cover of Vogue, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world, got a bunch of gormless looking models (don’t even get me started on the fact that Kendall Jenner is included) gracing their cover about fashion’s females????????


I nearly started this next line with ‘yes, supermodels are important’… then I checked myself and swiftly hit backspace.

They’re not important. They’re a face – they’re a society defined ‘perfect’ body and face fashion labels use to showcase their clothes as skinny is, unfortunately, always going to be the preferred way in this industry. No matter how much we scream ‘0 IS NOT A SIZE’ in the face of this cray world, no one with the power to make an actual change ever going to have the balls to be loud enough.

The important people are the designers. The men and women who design clothes that make women in all shapes and sizes feel beautiful.

Where is Vivienne Westwood, where is Caroline Herrera, where is Diane Von Furstenburg?!

These are the women who should really be gracing the cover celebrating fearless women in fashion. These women didn’t give a two hoots and dedicated their lives to improving and developing fashion for women.

These models – through no fault of their own – have been made the ‘face’ of fashion, when it should be the people behind the clothes or at least a real representation of women around the world – the consumers of the fashion! Ashley Graham ( 2nd from the left) is considered a curves model… just stop.

Vogue think that they’re covering all bases by whacking a slightly larger than size 8 girl into the mix… nope – not buying it. When are women going to PROPERLY represented in the fashion media?! When are we going to stop letting stuff like this slide and realise that if we want the young girls growing up proud of their bodies we need to start putting real women everywhere, not just on the odd ‘stand out’ campaign.

(Theres also a freaky photoshop fail involve Gigi’s hand – once you spot it you won’t be able to stop staring haha.)

The fashion industry is so amazing in so many ways but in so many ways it falters and let’s women down, and I know I’m not alone in wanting some serious change.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 21.03.17



I’m sure you’ve seen a certain image splattered across your social media this week following Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeons meeting to discuss the future of the relationship between the 2 countries they govern and the EU.

Now, if you haven’t seen said image, what does my above description make you think the picture is going to be of? Let me explain… 2 powerful women smiling appropriately for a political photo they know will be seen by millions on people. So, naturally, they made themselves look like professional women having a professional meeting and therefore dressed in a way that made them feel as so. Power dressing at it’s finest.

But instead of the press, specifically the Daily Mail, commenting on the important decisions that will ultimately come from these 2 people meeting, they decided to comment… wait for it… on their legs.


2 limbs.

Well known apparatus, used predominately for walking (or kicking narrow-minded dickwits where it hurts, how you choose to use yours is up to you).

The front page looked something like this.

legs it

I’ll just give you a couple of seconds to digest that before I continue.




If you can’t see what’s immediately wrong with this front page or realise how horrendously derogatory this is, well, go up to the nearest feminist (male or female) and I’m sure they’ll happily explain it to you.

You know what makes this worse?? A woman wrote this. Sarah Vine. A journalist, whose job is the share important news and write in a way that is accessible and informative. I mean, she made a grave mistake taking a job at the Daily Mail for starters but to actually agree to write this piece is a thousand nails in her journalistic coffin in my opinion.

I know I’m just one of millions of bloggers commenting on this issue but it just angers me so much that not only is sexist as hell, it’s also trying to make a serious situation less serious by instead focusing on their legs?! It’s hilariously ridiculous.

She went on to report to discuss whether they had some of the “Finest weapons at their command? Those pins!”…


What about their knowledge? Their presence. Their position in government?! She instead chose, for the sake of a shitty headline, to be a sexist bitch instead. This is precisely what is wrong with the world and why people don’t take feminism and feminists seriously – it’s important and stuff like this needs to change.

What gives The Daily Mail the right to print something like that? They knew exactly the response it would have on the world and how angry it would make people –  and in a sick and twisted way it’s as if they want to make a mockery of the entire movement.

She also referred to Sturgeon’s legs as “altogether more flirty, tantalisingly crossed … a direct attempt at seduction”. WHY ON EARTH DOES THIS REPORTER THINK STURGEON WAS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM TRYING TO SEDUCE ANYBODY?!?!?!? MAYBE SHE WAS JUST GETTING COMFORTABLE AND CROSSING HER LEGS WAS HOW SHE DECIDED TO SIT THAT DAY.

They were both just doing their job for god’s sake. They just wanted feel and look good, for themselves by wearing a skirt (god forbid they didn’t wear any tights, that would have made Vine’s head explode with even more outrageous headlines), not for anyone else, and certainly not so some idiot journalist could make dumb comments for the sake of it.

It’s honestly laughable why the reporter even decided to go there… it just proves that feminism still has a long long way to go in terms of being taken seriously in the press. I’m not claiming to be an expert in this field or preach to anyone but if this is still being accepted as suitable journalism in 2017, it makes me even more determined to become one myself and write about things that actually matter – like the headline that article should have led with – our relationship with Scotland going forward, not they’re bloody legs jeeeeesus.

I just want the world to be a place where headlines like that aren’t even considered – let alone printed… if it were a picture of 2 men posing for the same picture I’m nearly 100% positive what they were wearing or how they were sat wouldn’t be the subject of any article!

If you take anything from this post, apart from the obvious anger I hope you share with me, just stop buying/reading the Daily Mail. It’s non-representative and completely non-progessive.

Everything they report on is written in a way to create a reaction – a reaction I have well and truly given them and if that was the aim, then congratu-fucking-lations.

Enjoy it.



why i haven’t been writing

…and the answer to that is pure laziness. If I’m completely honest I’ve had some stuff (anxiety wise) going on that I’ve had to tackle and then just general life.

No particularly busy days but when I get out of a routine, like blogging on the reg, I find it so hard to get back into it again. Which really angers me, because here I am, writing. And it’s really easy… and I already have ideas swirling round my little head just waiting to be released from my finger tips haha.

So why have I just not done it? Why haven’t I just picked up my laptop/phone and started typing. I need to be better – I want to be better. I keep saying I want to be some sort of writer in the future and yet I just don’t bladdy do it.

I’ve been even thinking that I want to write a book… what about, I’m not so sure but I do have an idea hehe. So I might start jotting down some ideas over the weekend as I have absolutely NOTHING planned and I am buzzin.

I haven’t had a free weekend in so so long and I’m just gonna mong out, eat a load of food and just have a weekend of me.

This is the shortest post I think I’ve ever done but it’s just a reminder to myself that I’ve still got this and a reminder to anyone else that likes what I’m doing over here that I’m still well, here :) And I promise that next week there will be at least 2 posts, cross my heart!

Peace and love xox

vegan baking | banana pancakes |

Now, this isn’t technically a recipe as I am not exactly sure how much of each thing I used… when it comes to pancakes I just tend to gauge how ready the mix is by how gloopy it is (im so profesh haha.) So feel free to use these measurements I got from the Tesco website. It’s so great that so many supermarkets are jumping on the vegan wagon and sharing recipes #vegantakeover.

  • 100g flour
  • 2 teaspoon of sugar (optional – depends how sweet you want them)
  • 2 mashed bananas
  • 2 teaspoons of agave nectar (again optional)
  • 400ml soya milk
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Feel free to add baking powder and more/less flour depending on how thick you want them but I ended up having to add more flour to my first mixture as they weren’t properly cooking in the pan.

There aren’t really any steps to this recipe, just fling all the ingredients into a mixer (or by hand) and fry on a low heat using vegan butter to coat the pan to avoid the pancakes sticking!

I topped mine with strawberries and sugar :)



vegan recipes | vegetable and quinoa stuffed peppers

I have another super easy recipe for you all (Y) Funnily enough when I rang my dad the evening I was making this turns out mum and him were having the same thing, spooky ey?

Anyway, this is my made up completely hit and miss recipe for stuffed peppers. They were scrummy and I had them with a side of sweet potato mash :)

So, you will need:

  • 2 bell peppers (size dependent on hunger levels)
  • half a red onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 mushrooms
  • half a carton of tomato pasata
  • half a packet of microwavable quinao and rice (you can be fancy and cook it yourself from scratch but this is so much quicker)
  • salt, pepper and mixed herbs to taste

Before you even start cooking pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees C ready to soften your peppers.

  1. Cut of the top of the pepper and scoop it’s insides out. Just cut enough off to be able to stuff the entire pepper.
  2. Chop the onions, mushrooms and garlic into small pieces. I used coconut oil to fry it all off until soft.
  3. Once soft, pour in the pasata and stir in until mixed in. You can use chopped tomatoes or tomato puree but I thin the pasata acts as a good sauce and glues it all together.
  4. Cook your quinao packet in the microwave for specified time. Once cooked just pour half (or more if needed) into the mixture and combine.
  5. Take your peppers out of the oven after around 20 mins. They should be half cooked so that when you stuff them and bake again they turn out perfect.
  6. Spoon the mix into the peppers. I then topped them with some grated vegan cheese coz I love it haha.
  7. Bake for a further 15 mins until the top crispens. Sometimes the peppers don’t always stand up by themselves so try using some scrunched up tin foil as a wall for them to lean against or just lean them against each other.

Serve with whatever takes ya fancy and enjoy :)


Dress to impress? No, dress for yourself.

I have a feeling that I am about to share with you all is going to cause some debate, whether that be within yourself of with me… all opinions aside, hear me out… please.

A friend of a friend has just recently, and bravely, come out that he is transexual.

I, and a lot of people, can only begin to imagine how scary sharing something so personal and important about yourself can be… finding the courage alone is one thing but standing up for who you are and taking the steps to become that person completely is just something else – truly inspiring.

However, the frustrating part of what I am about to share is that there are still people, companies and cultural groups who still can’t accept the fact that some men and women want to be transexual. It’s who they are.

It’s like someone asking me ‘why are you straight?’


Because I am? Transexual is this persons person. It’s who they are – it’s what makes them them. Why should a person’s sexuality and way of life, physicality’s aside, determine how others treat, judge or speak to or about them in a degrading way.

My friend, who has become very close with this guy, told me that he decided he wanted to throw himself in at the deep end, enter a clothing store, Coast, and ask to try on a dress.

Now before I carry on explaining what happened, let’s put this into perspective. If I, for example, entered a predominantly men’s clothing store, such as Topman, and went to try something on, I doubt I’d be told no. But why is that?

It’s because the notion of a women wearing clothes initially designed for men is far more widely accepted than men wearing women’s. And that is because people can’t accept and won’t even try to accept change. They won’t even entertain the possibility that its 2017 and the world is progressing, and positively progressing!

So this guy has walked into coast, found dress he liked the look of and asked the sales assistant if he could try it on. The sales assistant told him point blank that there weren’t any fitting rooms and that he would have to buy the dress first and try it on at home.

My friend later text me asking if this particular Coast had fitting rooms and she knew I had shopped there before, and I replied that of course they do… slightly confused. When she then told me what happened I was just so shocked and upset for him.

I understand that women’s clothing shops have rules about male companions waiting outside fitting rooms in order to give the females trying on clothes a bit more security and privacy… fair.

But this guy wasn’t asking to linger around the fitting rooms. He was asking to go into a cubicle, close the curtain behind him and privately try on this dress. This shop, whilst probably following ‘protocol’ probably made him feel like the smallest person on earth by saying no and not allowing him to be himself.

It baffles me that on the catwalks at LFWM last month we saw a UNISEX collection by Vivienne Westwood congratulated, celebrated and admired because it’s ‘fashion’ and of course anything seen on the catwalk must be right… right? WRONG.


It cannot just be accepted for one week only. It cannot just be ‘street style’ for that perfect picture. It cannot just be for the select few with the right amount of followers on social media who wear things to stick with the crowd they associate with and please said followers. It cannot just be for them – the acceptance felt once the designer comes out after the show to a flurry of applause has to, and must, carry on and migrate into everyday life, long after the doors close. It cannot just stop just because the trends change so therefore the designs change in order to stay relevant.

Like it or not – it’s already happening. This guy was trying to continue making it happen. But because catwalk fashion is regarded as just that, catwalk, it hasn’t yet made its mark on the high street. Brands like Zara have introduced a unisex collection but nothing stands out as associating with one gender enough for it to make an impact – it’s just a bunch of basic items with ‘unisex’ printed on the label for good measure – they’ve done it solely to create a reaction but in my opinion it’s a poor effort.

So Coast said no? He tried – he might not have succeeded, but if he can confidently walk into any clothes shop he wants and ask to try on a dress, or anything high street fashion deems ‘female’ with the same guts he used in Coast, I applaud him and hope this one small lapse in societies judgement wont stop him from asking again.

london diaries | moving house and anxiety blips |

Let’s start with the slightly more positive half of this blog… I’VE MOVED HOUSE!! And it is honestly a dream. It’s like a slightly smaller Barbie’s Dream House. My 2 housemates will also agree with me.

TRUST – its the kitchen. My new housemates Alice (will explain more about how she popped back into my lyf in a sec) and Mary also love it. We have spent all our spare time just downstairs in the kitchen. It might be slightly further out than I used to be but it’s worth it for the kitchen alone.

I’ve also been super lucky with price and stoof. It’s a steal – just like my old place. BUT the perk of the new house is that it doesn’t come with a (to put it lightly) less than ideal housemate. Friends who I have explained my previous situation to have been shocked – I won’t reveal on here as I’m not about that (Y). I’m not one call out other peoples faults over the internet but I am just so glad I’m out of there, in my new Barbie Dream house (any applications for a Ken would be greeted with open arms and immediately considered).

So it’s so lovely that Alice is now living with us! We were at uni together but we never really hung out… guess our friendship groups just worked out like that but we were always friendly. ANYWAY, long story short, she saw I was looking for a new housemate on Facebook and here we are :) Gotta love the power of the internet.

One more positive thing that has happened is that the fam and I went to see England v. Wales Six Nations match and it was the most stressful 80 minutes of my entire life. I honestly didn’t realise how into it I’d get! I was screaming, swearing, yelling, jumping out my seat and just generally being a hooligan… it was great haha! My dad was also swearing when England did something stupid… and my dad NEVER swears, so they must have been playing so badly. But luckily they pulled it out the bag in the last 10 mins and won and the tri was scored in the corner we were sitting which was insanneeeee!

Now… something slightly less positive but hey ho, lifes life is that I have had a couple of anxiety blips recently. Usually they come about when something in my general life isn’t going as well as it could – but I usually don’t even realise until the anxiety kicks in. I know that is probably how a lot of peoples anxiety sets in but no one can ever completely know the extent of another persons mind… who knowsss. Anyway, my bezzie m8 Beth and my mumma have been actual angels talking me through my nutcase phase(s) coz sometimes, that’s what you need to do – talk it all through, get it all out to try and unscramble your mind – it works for me :). Anyway, hopefully I’m over the hump of it but nothing happens over night.

Anyone who does struggle and suffer with anxiety – please know that it’s totally normal to have blips and slips in the road to overcoming it. I sometimes have to remind myself of that too! I’m not superhuman – I’m a regular gal with regular problems who happens to have anxiety like millions of other people. I, and you, if this applies, are totally normal and totally fine.

Anyway – it’s taken me so long to write this as I kept getting distracted by YouTube videos but I have started a new insta account for all of the vegan food/products I eat/find… go give me a follow at vegan__megan :)

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

Peace and love xox


P.S 8 days till my birthday… ;)